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7 Awkward Things That Happen During Sex

by Rimpi Maurya
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Moments, when couples feel romantically and sexually connected, are so special. Such moments of intimacy should be filled with fun and enjoyment for both partners.

It has been seen that during sexual intercourse or simply while cuddling in bed, both partners are under pressure of impressing each other. But, there can be real awkward instances that can happen for any couple while having sex which is normal and not to be ashamed of, if partners are in the more honest level of relationship. Everyone is aware that intimate moments are not all about physical acts but even emotional ones and all of it is OKAY!

So, what are the things that can go wrong with the couple during sex and make them feel awkward, uncomfortable, and downright embarrassed? Well, these weird moments during sex are all very common, so calm down and carry on. Continue reading about the 7 most awkward sex moments that can happen to every couple and learn about the ways to deal with them. [1, 2, 3]

1. Queefing
All women having vaginal sex tend to experience their vagina making strange noises at times, which is genuinely normal to happen. The weird noses from the vagina can be because of the release of some trapped air or fluids from the vaginal canal. If both the partners are unphased by such noises, it’s a gentle reminder to think it’s normal, not to make mood upset, and to avoid taking a halt from sex. [3]

2. Farting
Not only sex, but any intense body workouts can also lead to the release of gases that people consider farts. But, launching a fart (a rather smelly one) in the middle of sexual intercourse can be very awkward and the first instinct might be to leave the room.

Farting is a very common thing that the human body does anytime, so why shy from this natural thing. Even if it happens at inopportune times, it’s just advised to laugh it off and continue with sex (and then maybe light a scented candle). [1, 2, 3]

3. Women with Higher Libido (Sex Drive) Than Men
Men might probably find themselves more into sexual activities than women. But, in reality, it might be awkward for a man to realize that his partner’s libido is higher than his. A woman might turn out to be holding herself back until she is completely comfortable with her partner. And when she is, she can appear surprisingly horny. [1]

4. Urge to Urinate
Think of being in the heat of having sex- it’s sexy, hot, and it’s a great time, and soon a full urinary bladder interrupt. Anyone can experience stoppage during sex and rush to the washroom to pee. But, will that kill the vibe between the partners? Definitely, who would like to pee all over the bedsheets or wait out as the bladder can no longer wait to get emptied?

In such a case, it is completely OKAY to stop having sex and pass the urine. In addition, it is important to be aware of what orgasms feel like. Female ejaculation can feel as if the woman is about to pee. If confused or worried about such a sensation, it’s recommended to not be afraid of bringing this thing to the doctor’s notice to make sure. [3]

5. Body not Cooperating
Consider a feeling when one wants to eat his/her favorite meal but is extremely tired to get up and make or have it. Similarly, it could sometimes happen that one is in the mood of getting intimate but his/her partner is significantly unable to perform. This could feel distressing but one must not be embarrassed about it.

Sex is known to make one’s body physically very active and speed up one’s heart rate, so if not very active, sexual intercourse may not be possible. The best solution to such a case is to put the tired partner at ease and rather than for sex go for cuddling. Sometimes, the body may not react the way one it wants it to and it’s OKAY to allow that moment to pass and try again for sex some another time. [2]

6. Getting Too Wet or Not Getting Wet
While having sex or feeling orgasm, it is completely normal for women to have wet vagina. However, there are lot many ladies who feel ashamed of getting too wet. Being wet simply means that they are enjoying and having a great time or it’s all because of hormones, as simple as that. Therefore, women must no longer feel embarrassed of their too-wet vaginas.

Moreover, just like getting too wet can make some people feel awkward, being dry down is associated with the same feeling. Not being wet at all is normal once in a while. It could occur because of biological reasons if the body is changing. In such a case, it is very normal to use lubricants for the vagina to ease the process of penis penetration. People must be open-minded about too-dry vaginas and help each other with this. [2] Some time premature ejaculation occurs in males and it is also awkward thing that happens in males and there can be various causes for premature ejaculation. Taking the help of doctor can help manage it.

7. Periods Blood Flow During Sex
Sometimes, females may get their menstrual periods early and at the time of sex. For some couples, this seems to be completely OKAY while for some it isn’t. Well, one must know that periods happen naturally and can’t be controlled, so why worry about them? If the couple does not have any issues in continuing sex during periods, then there is no problem. But, if couples are not comfortable with that, then the only option is to wait for periods to end.

Apart from this, it’s advised to have good communication with each other to figure out in what things other person feels comfortable and in what they aren’t comfortable with. It’s better to talk about such things beforehand if it could help. In such a case, both partners are vulnerable and no one must feel bad about doing something they are uncomfortable with. All that must be done is to be mindful of each other’s insecurities, laugh at the awkward sex moments and move on. [2]


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