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What Happens to Men During a Dry Spell?

by Prity Kumari
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Didn’t have sex for a very long time?

Most men do not have regular sex, whether they are in a relationship or have been married for years. It turns out that they can go a week, on average without sex. A couple of days of abstaining from sex can quickly change into weeks, months, and even years for some men. Such situations or periods when anyone has less frequent sex than they think they should, are termed Sexual Dry Spells.

Dry spells are absolutely normal and the best thing that can happen for singles as well as those in committed relationships. However, they become extremely bothersome and anxiety-provoking for couples. Read on to know more about this sexual issues in male in detail.

Sexual Dry Spell Causes

There is a multitude of reasons a couple will not be having sex for a longer-than-normal duration for them. Here are the topmost known causes of people experiencing a sexual dry spell:

1. Red Flags in A Relationship
Having healthy relationships can make lives better. However, some relationships don’t work out and could be toxic. They could affect well-being. Red flags are indications or warning signs of manipulative or unhealthy behavior between partners. Some common red flags that could be the reason behind having a dry spell include:

  • Lack of sexual attraction
  • Over controlling behavior
  • Lack of trust
  • Physical, emotional, or mental abuse
  • Substance abuse
  • Anger management issues
  • Having affairs
  • Inability to resolve conflict
  • Low level of emotional intelligence.

2. Having Young Children
Studies report that new mothers or women who have children under 5 years show less interest in having sex with their partner. Taking care of children, busy schedules, and lack of sleep all make it difficult for them to even think of sex.

3. Stress
Sex life is greatly impacted if one suffers from high-stress levels. Stress can arise from lot many things. Being intimate with the partner becomes less possible because of stress resulting from working long hours, an overloaded schedule, traveling and becoming extremely tired, or other stressors.

4. Illnesses
Both mental and physical illnesses can make a person withdraw from having sex.

5. Overtraining at Gym
Overexertion or a strenuous workout can make one too tired and not able to gather all remaining energy to have sex.

6. Excess Alcohol Drinking
Alcohol intake can lead to many sexual problems. If couples are taking more alcohol, they would not in many senses have sex, hence their sexual relationship would get affected.

7. Intake of Prescription Medications
Certain kinds of medications can have sexual dysfunction or low libido (sexual drive) as one of the side effects. [4]

What Happens to Sexually Inactive Men?

Sex has always been considered one of the basic needs of the human body. Therefore, when humans do not have sex, their bodies eventually begin reacting to it. Here’s what takes place among men having sexual dry spells:

1. More of Stress
Sex is known to be a great way to relieve stress. During sex, the body releases oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones can help in creating the feeling of relaxation and intimacy and even help stressed individuals take their minds off everyday worries and anxieties as well as feel less depressed. Therefore, men who do not indulge in sex tend to have elevated levels of stress in cases where they like to use sex to calm down under pressure. [2]

2. Effect on the Cognitive Functioning of the Body
One study published in 2013 reports that sexual activity can combat the negative, memory-reducing effects caused by chronic stress. So, no sex can affect cognitive functions. [2]

3. Improper Sleep
It is believed that sexual inactivity can lead to difficulty having good sleep for some people as they won’t feel much relaxed to get sleep as they might after having sex. Sexual intercourse helps in the release of oxytocin, dopamine, and prolactin- the three hormones that are important in getting good sleep. This means lack of sex can result in bad sleep. [2]

4. Risk of Erectile Dysfunction
It is still debatable that a dry spell could increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. A 2018 study revealed that men who had sex less than a week were twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction as compared to those who were sexually active. Proper erectile dysfunction treatment by an expert can help manage this issue. [2]

5. Risk of Prostate Cancer
In some research studies, it is suggested that men who frequently ejaculate are at a lower risk of having prostate cancer. Although this correlation is not conclusive, one thing is true if men do not masturbate or have frequent sexual intercourse, then their bodies are unhealthy. [2]

6. Impact on Cardiac Health
According to a 2010 study, sexually active men are less likely to be diagnosed with heart disease. That’s because their heart gets the proper workout that is needed for maintaining healthy health. This means a sexual dry spell can increase the risk of heart disease among men, but that’s not guaranteed. [1]

7. Less Complicated Relationships of Any Kind
When sex is out of the equation, it’s found that it is much easier to clearly navigate different social interactions be it with friends or with romantic ones. This is a good reason to give up on sex for a while. [1]

8. More Likely to Fall Sick
Not only brain health, but sex also supports the health of the immune system. Researchers have found that people who had sex frequently produce more immunoglobulin A which helps their body fight viral infections as opposed to those who rarely or haven’t had sex. [1]

How to Survive a Sexual Dry Spell?

If having a sexual dry spell, here are some tips to deal with it and ways to move past it.

  • Talk about having Dry Spell with your partner
  • Enhance intimacy in everyday moments with your partner
  • Boost libido by removing the culprits of low libido like physical or mental stressors, investing in your sexual confidence, and replacing your old, damaged, or ill-fitting undergarments
  • Don’t get so serious and let a dry spell invalidate your relationship and discourage you
  • Get indulged in some exercises to keep healthy and let out the frustration of having a dry spell in a constructive manner
  • Take a trip somewhere to get your mind off sex for an extended time. [3]


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