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Major Signs of a Healthy Penis

by Shilpi Singh
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There are numerous indications of a healthy penis, and penile health is crucial for various reasons. The whole body’s health depends on keeping the penile and testicles in top condition.
The penile region is a sensitive area of the body; many conditions that affect it might hurt it.
Penis lumps, discomfort, and swelling can all be precursors to more severe problems or indicate a sexual health issue. [1]

Everybody has different-sized genitalia. Although it doesn’t significantly grow during an erection, some men can have a larger penis when it is flaccid. Some see an enormous growth from flaccid to erect size.

The penile size rarely impacts a man’s capacity to function or become fertile. In addition, despite what you may have read online, there are no safe or effective ways to enhance penis size. Specific methods that men use to enlarge their penises might permanently distort the organ, which may potentially cause an infection or cause the penis to disappear altogether. [2]

Urination and ejaculation are the two primary purposes of the penis. An enlarged prostate can be diagnosed by problems urinating, such as a weak urine flow or difficulty starting. Older guys frequently experience this. Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) is what it is known as, and it typically has nothing to do with malignancy. Additional symptoms of BPH include dribbling after peeing, the perception that the bladder has not emptied, frequent urination, and perhaps blood in the urine due to straining to urinate. [3, 4]

Some common lifestyle choices can impact the health of the penis.

1. Sexual relations
Penis health may be harmed by sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). Here are a few of the most widespread STIs:

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Herpes.

2. Weight control
Many aspects of a person’s health, including penile function, can be adversely impacted by obesity. Obesity may increase a person’s risk of developing impotence or erectile dysfunction. When engaging in sexual activity, a person cannot achieve or sustain an erection.

3. Exercise
Exercise is crucial for helping someone maintain a healthy weight. It implies that it also lowers the possibility of issues with sexual health brought on by obesity. Exercise may also have more immediate advantages for sexual health.

4. Tobacco and alcohol use
Alcohol abuse can harm a person’s health in many different ways. A person’s propensity for risky sexual behavior is also increased by alcohol. A person who engages in such activity is more likely to acquire or spread an STI. Smoking tobacco can be harmful to the health of the penis as well. [2, 3, 4]

Men can determine whether or not their penis is healthy by measuring four different things:

  • The appearance of a healthy penis: No matter how big or different they look or whether or not they have been circumcised, all healthy penises have certain traits in common.
  • A healthy penis’ color: The color of a healthy penis typically matches the skin around it. It is acceptable for it to be a few tones lighter or darker. The color can change depending on the blood flow through the penis at any given moment. Nonetheless, a checkup is warranted if there is a noticeable change in penis color.
  • A healthy penis shape: There are many different shapes for penises; others may be wide or narrow at various locations, while some have a broad base and a narrow tip. Moreover, a penis can slant slightly to the left or right. If this is how it has always been, that is typical. But it’s better to consult a doctor if a man suddenly experiences a bend and uncomfortable erections.
  • Quality of penis fluids: A healthy penis produces around a teaspoon’s semen per ejaculation. While some healthy semen may have a yellowish tone, this is also normal; healthy semen is typically whitish. So, get your penis checked out if you notice any blood or a style that isn’t typical for semen, such as a greenish tint. Depending on the person’s diet, the interval since the last ejaculation, and the level of arousal, semen can have a range of textures. Therefore, there is no need to be alarmed if the person’s ejaculate exceeds a teaspoon or the semen is occasionally thick or clumpy.
  • Penis odor: An odor coming from a clean penis is typical. Because sweat glands cover, the penis may have a faintly unpleasant odor like most body parts. Also, the smell lingers since the penis is enclosed in pants most of the day and receives little fresh air.

However, it is advisable to get it checked out if a man feels that the natural aroma of their penis has changed or gotten more muscular, as this could be a sign of an underlying condition. The scent of the semen is the same. Since semen has a slightly alkaline pH, many people mistakenly think it smells like ammonia or bleach. [5]

Tips for Maintaining the Penis Health

A mild soap and water solution should be used to wash one’s penis at least once daily. The skin of the penis may become irritated if you use harsh soap or a strong aroma.

  • The pubic hair and all other penis-related components should be washed.
  • One’s scrotum
  • Between one’s legs and scrotum
  • If the foreskin is not circumcised, the penis shaft is in that area, all must be cleaned. [4, 5]

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