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10 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Penis

by Prity Kumari
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Penis health is essential to overall health since it allows a man to have a proper erection, which will benefit him both now and in the future. Penis difficulties might be an indication of a more significant issue. Persistent health problems affecting the penis can impact many aspects of life, causing stress and low confidence. [1]

What Factors Influence Penis Health?

Several factors can have an impact on penis health. Penis health can mean the following:

  • Ability to comfortably urinate
  • To obtain or maintain an erection
  • Fertility.

Avoiding specific health issues, such as penile cancer and Sexually transmitted infections (STIs), is also essential for penis health. [2]

Many health issues can have a direct impact on penis health. Some of the more prevalent ones are:

STIs that are chlamydia, herpes, or genital warts.
Phimosis, which happens when the foreskin cannot stretch onto the head of the penis.
Balanitis is inflammation of the head or foreskin of the penis.

Some problems not directly related to the penis can also impact its health. Many of these disorders can lead to erectile dysfunction or fertility problems. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiac problems are examples. [2, 3]

How Can I Tell if There is a Problem with My Penis?

Specific symptoms and warning indications could indicate a problem with your penis. Checking to see if the penis appears healthy will help you determine if there is a concern. A man ought not to have:

  • The penis has blue and black markings (bruises) on it
  • A penis-based rash that hurts and itches
  • Warts, blisters, or little red pimples on the penis
  • Presence of a lump or mass
  • A non-throbbing sore on the penis shaft
  • A penis bent
  • Penis-tip discharge can be yellow or green
  • Swelling near the penis’ tip. [3, 4]

Difficulties maintaining or getting the penis erect are further indications that the penis is unhealthy or that a guy may be experiencing other problems. Other symptoms are:

  • Going to the bathroom causes burning
  • Bleeding while using the restroom or during an orgasm
  • Changes in orgasm behaviour
  • Enduring discomfort while the penis is erect
  • Experiencing discomfort during sex
  • Experiencing discomfort following penile injuries.

Regularly visualising the penis will help a man keep informed of any new symptoms or signals that might point to a concern. [4]

10 Symptoms of an Unhealthy Penis

1. Patch issues.

Men detect a reddish, velvety patch of skin right below the head on the shaft of their penis. It might only be a small area of chafed skin. The red patch, however, may be a symptom of penile cancer if it is not painful or sensitive and if they haven’t had intercourse recently, which would often result in chafing. [1, 2, 4]

2. A tight fit.

It may feel a touch tight, like a piece of clothing that shrank at the head of the penis after being washed. Men might see a few pale specks in the same region. They may have lichen sclerosis, a skin disorder brought on by a hormonal or immune system imbalance, whether or not they experience pain. [2, 3]

3. Look out for curves.

The possibility of males having Peyronie’s disease exists if the erection has always had a mild bend but has recently developed a slightly more pronounced curve. [2, 4]

4. There is blood in the urine.

Any blood in the urine could indicate kidney stones or an enlarged prostate. In the medical community, however, “blood in the pee” is a well-known indicator of bladder cancer. Don’t panic if you find a small blood patch in your boxers or underwear, even though your urine appears clean. Instead, look for tiny cherry or blue patches on the scrotum and shaft. [2, 4]

5. An uneven stretch.

Men aged 20 to 35 are most likely to develop testicular cancer. Hard, painless masses or lumps on the testicles are the hallmark symptoms. 99% of cases are treatable if diagnosed early. [4]

6. Itching of the penis.

There are various things to watch out for if a man has severe itching. Thrush, a yeast infection known as a fungal infection, itches frequently and is one of its symptoms. It may also be a sign of Balanitis, a condition of the inflammation of the head of the penis or the foreskin. Poor personal hygiene and STIs like herpes are two potential causes of this. [3, 6]

7. Penile discharge.

The medical word for discharge from the penis is urethritis, which can occur when the tube between the bladder and the penis’ tip is irritated. Most men don’t have any symptoms; however, others may feel a searing discomfort or a strong urge to urinate. Gonorrhea and non-gonococcal urethritis are the most typical causes of urethritis. Younger guys are more likely to experience this, particularly those with sex with other males. [4, 6]

8. Erectile dysfunction (ED).

Men experience this issue when they face difficulty in keeping an erection during sexual activity or are physically incapable (the latter is more common among older men). Diabetes, circulation issues, and low testosterone are just a few causes of ED. Abuse of drugs and alcohol, blood leakage from the penis’s veins, and excessive stress are other probable reasons. [5, 6]

9. Lumpy surfaces.

Men may have genital warts, most frequently brought on by HPV, if they have little lumps running the length of their penis (human papillomavirus). Although very prevalent, HPV is transmitted through skin-to-skin contact, primarily during sexual activity. Warts can be eliminated by surgery, freezing, or laser therapy, but HPV is a fatal infection. [5, 6]

10. Penis with spots.

If men also experience pain, it may result from an STI, such as genital herpes or syphilis. Common, innocuous specks on the penis or scrotum may result from environmental irritants. Perhaps it can be a response to a prescribed medicine (a “fixed drug eruption”). See a doctor if the discomfort persists for longer than two weeks. [5,6]

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