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Vitapost Prostate Plus Reviews 2023 | Ingredients, Benefits & More

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Reproductive health is very crucial for one’s overall well-being. It has been noted that men usually take a backseat when they are asked to take care of the health of their reproductive organs. One such is the prostate gland.

Prostate is a rubbery gland of the size of ping-pong ball, situated deep inside the groin, between the rectum and the base of the penis. It has reproductive purpose as it supplies part of the semen (seminal fluid), which mixes with the sperms released from testicles and allows the them to survive and travel. This mixture of seminal fluid and sperm is popularly known as Shimin.
The gland also has certain muscles that makes sure that the semen is forcefully pressed into the urethra and made to expel outside via ejaculation. It’s the prostate that is even widely responsible for healthy urinary functioning and urine flow. Still, most men neglects keeping prostate healthy as they are unaware of the importance of prostate and its function in their body. They tend to pay attention on prostate health only when they start facing reproductive health issues such as Erectile Dysfunction.
VitaPost Prostate Plus

Owing to the fact that Prostate gland functions are vital in the life of a man, there are plethora of products available in the market that claims for good prostate health. There are variety of supplements that supports health of prostate, which could confuse the customers as to which would be most trusted and best to purchase for themselves. So, how to narrow down one’s options for supplements and make one’s mind to choose the best prostate health supplement among all? Here’s where VitaPost Prostate Plus comes into picture. But, is it a legit and keeps up what it claims? Is it safe and effective supplement? Are they affordable? This piece of information covers answers to all such questions and more. Continue reading to get complete insight of Prostate Plus health supplement.

What is VitaPost Prostate Plus?

As men get older, large part of them may begin to appreciate the thought of supporting the prostate health. This can indicate their developing maturity towards managing their overall health.

VitaPost Prostate Plus is a premium dietary supplement loaded with lot many traditional and modern ingredients that are vital to support the prostate and urinary system nutritionally. It comprises of certain vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts which helps support healthy urinary flow, good urinary health, and the complete health of the prostate. The product is manufactured in a US-based company using national as well as imported quality ingredients.

How does Prostate Plus Supplement Works?

Prostate Plus supplements target the cortisol and even estrogen in men. This helps the prostate gland to shrink in size. When enlarged prostate gland returns to its normal size, the patients can experience a relief in their urinary bladder and eventually have less number of late night trips to the washroom. Their urine flow gets significantly improved. One’s sexual performance tends to automatically improve when there is healthy functioning of prostate gland and it is in a robust condition. Furthermore, with optimum prostate health, men tend to experience intense orgasm and powerful ejaculation.

Ingredients of Prostate Plus

VitaPost Prostate Plus is a blend of healthy amounts of adaptogens and adaptogenic substances. Adaptogens are botanicals or mushrooms that stabilises physiological processes and promotion of homeostasis. They are non-toxic herbal components that help the body respond to anxiety, physical, chemical, or biological stressors such as cortisol; fatigue, and overall wellness.

  • Vitamins: including Vitamin E (as DL- Alpha Tocopherol Acetate) and Vitamin B6 (as Pyrodoxine HCl). As per research studies, Vitamin B6 helps improve the survival rate in patients suffering from early prostate cancer. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps in making the body free of free radicals and prevent oxidative damages. It provides support to several bodily functions. Medical researchers believe that men are at lower risk of having prostate cancer if they have highest blood levels of alpha tocopherol.
  • Minerals: including Zinc (as Zinc oxide), Selenium (as Selenium Amino Acid Chelate), Copper (as Copper Gluconate). Adequate amounts of these minerals plays an important role in the development and normal working of prostate gland. There is evidence that zinc can help shrink enlarged prostate, inhibit prostate cancer cell line growth and invasion, boost the immune system to help reverse prostate disease, and even improve emptying of urinary bladder and urine flow. Studies have revealed that selenium supplementation can reduce the levels of serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA) among men with increased risk of prostate cancer. Moreover, copper supplementation can also significantly reduce tumor growth.
  • Green Tea (Camellia sinensis): It is rich in antioxidants which helps in lowering down the levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)- the hormone responsible for promoting the health of prostate gland. This way, there is reduced risk of developing an enlarged prostate. The tea contains polyphenols that helps in management of BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).
  • Herbals: including fruit of Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens), Pygeum africanum bark Powder, Plant Sterol Complex (Glycine max- a seed), Raspberry Juice Powder (Rubus idaeus- a fruit), Graviola (Annona muricata) leaves, bark of Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa), crown part of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea), Tomato powder (Lycopersicon esculentum- a fruit), root of Nettle (Urtica dioica), and three Japanese mushrooms: Maitake (Polyporous frondosus), Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), and Shitake (Lentinus edodes).

    Pygeum africanum bark powder is one such ingredient that is scientifically backed because of its effectiveness in maintaining prostate health. It can even help in treating Erectile Dysfunction, Kidney Disease, and male baldness.

    Saw Palmetto is a palm native to the southern coastal regions of the United States. Its berries (reddish-black drupes) have abundant of beneficial compounds like Vitamin E and antioxidants. Its traditionally being used by Americans as support for healthy functioning of their Urinary tract.

    Cat’s Claw is a vine that grows in the rainforests of Central and South America. Its bark can help boost immune system and is known to have antioxidant activity. It can help prevent infection of the prostate and reduce prostate inflammation.

    Nettle is one of the traditional medicinal herbs that supports healthy prostate and also acts as a natural remedy for problems occurring as a result of an enlarged prostate.

  • Proprietary Blend: including Quercitin, L-Glycine, L-Alanine, Marshmallow, Juniper, Uva Ursi, Pumpkin Seeds, Buchu, Cayenne, Goldenseal, Burdock, and Parsley.

  • Inactive Ingredients: including Cellulose (vegetable capsule), Magnesium Stearate, Rice Flour, and Silicon Dioxide.

Why do People Prefer Prostate Plus?

Prostate Plus supplements offers plenty of benefits including:

  • Urinary Health Support: The synergistic effects of the Prostate Plus ingredients provides better urinating experience than earlier because of shrinking of prostate gland that allows urethra to excrete urine. The pressure on the urinary bladder would be no more and a good flow of urine will be there. One would not find hard to pass urine. This support is boosted by the vitamins present in the red raspberry powder and the properties of three Japanese mushrooms extracts.
  • Healthy Urine Flow: Saw Palmetto majorly helps improve prostate health and make better urine flow.
  • A Support for Healthy Prostate: Prostate Plus contains lot many ingredients that works together to ensure a healthy prostate.
  • Better Life Quality: Along with good prostate health, the supplement can affect the whole life of an individual in general. Primarily, Prostate Plus targets the stress and decreases any physical or mental issues in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Use Prostate Plus?
Take two capsules of Prostate Plus once a day. To achieve best results, its recommended to take pills about 20-30 minutes before having food with an 8 oz. glass of water or as directed by the healthcare practitioner.

Note: Avoid taking wrong doses. Splitting of the capsules into half to easily swallow is not recommended. The pills must not be taken along with other medications. Pregnant and lactating women, children under the age of 18 years, and anyone having medical condition should consult a general physician prior to taking this supplement.

2. Is Prostate Plus Available Without Prescription?
Yes, Prostate Plus can be purchased without doctor’s prescription.

3. Can Prostate Problems Be Treated with Prostate Plus?
Prostate Plus is a dietary health supplement to nourish and nutritionally support good prostate health. It is not a treatment, cure, or preventive measure for any medical condition or illnesses. If one has any prostate-related health concern, then its advised to talk to a healthcare professional.

4. Is There Option to Return Unopened Bottles of Prostate Plus and Get Money Back?
If one wishes to return the unopened bottles of Prostate Plus back to its seller, it’s possible only within 5 months of purchasing them. Voluntary returns are valid at our only discretion. Any reimbursement is determined by the total number of purchased bottles (including free bottles), the number of unopened bottles for return, and the overall product price. For more details, one can check out the Return and Refund policy of the product or visit prostateplus.net

5. Are There Any Common Allergens Present in Prostate Plus?
As per Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there are 8 major foods that can trigger an allergic reaction: milks, soy, Crustacean shellfish, eggs, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, and wheat.

Prostate Plus contains soybean. Furthermore, this health supplement is manufactured and packaged in a facility where the above-mentioned foods having common allergens are processed. It’s also recommended to check the list of ingredients of the product to become aware of any non-common allergens.

6. Is Prostate Plus a Vegan Dietary Supplement?
Yes, Prostate Plus is a vegan-friendly product as it does not contain any ingredients from an animal sources.

7. Do FDA certify Prostate Plus product?
Prostate Plus is processed in an FDA-registered facility that follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

8. Where can I Purchase Prostate Plus?
Prostate Plus can be legitimately bought only through its official website (prostateplus.net) and not elsewhere like any online shopping sites or at local pharmacies. The official website ensures the authenticity of the product. While placing an order, one can go through the best deals offered on the product. Some of them available on the website includes:

  • 1 bottle of 60 capsules for a month at $28.95
  • 2 bottles containing 120 capsules for 2 months at $52.96
  • 3 bottles with one free i.e. 240 capsules for 120 days at $79.44.

9. Are there any Side Effects Associated with Prostate Plus?
Prostate Plus supplements do not come with any side effects or risks. That’s because all the chosen natural, modern, and traditional ingredients are clinically tested before adding. However, one can expect to experience side effects that are usually related to the stomach if one takes an overdose of it. The side effects can be mild to severe, if any health issues are noticed, stop taking the supplement and consult the physician immediately.

10. Is it Safe to Daily Consume Prostate Plus Capsules?
Yes, Prostate Plus pills are designed for daily usage. Its continuous intake is considered to be safe only if one does not exceed the recommended dose.

11. How Long Does It Take to Experience the Benefits of Prostate Plus?
In just 1-4 weeks, based on the tenacity of one’s body against taking Prostate Plus supplements, the consumer can enjoy the benefits. As the product contains all-natural ingredients that get easily absorbed into the body, one can expect to notice desired results at a much faster rate. For enjoying the full effects of Prostate Plus, it’s recommended to wait for 3 months. To protect from further problems, it’s important to take Prostate Plus for at least 6 months or so.

Remember that each individual is unique, so the time taken for Prostate Plus to work out is different from one person to another.

12. What are the Delivery Options?
Prostate Plus product is available globally in 20 different countries. While placing an order, at the first step of the checkout process, one can look at the list of countries where the product can be delivered. Once the orders are placed, they are immediately processed and shipped depending upon which option one chooses.

To order this amazing product click now at prostateplus.net

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