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Vitapost Digestive Enzymes reviews 2023 | Side Effects, Uses, Ingredients & More

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The food that the human body intakes, constituting of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, is broken down into simpler substances and then absorbed by the body at a micro scale with the help of enzymes. Enzymes are biocatalysts, which help proteins fasten any metabolic process or chemical reactions taking place within the human body. There are lot many different types of enzymes present all over the body and serving different purposes. They are essential to life as well as digestion.

The human body needs digestive enzymes to break down their ingested food, join together the obtained proteins, activate certain compounds, and deactivate any toxins or harmful chemicals inside the body. The nature of the food that one consumes determines the specific enzyme to be used.

All humans consume different kinds of foods and drinks. There are times when some people might struggle to digest the food they intake and eventually experience stomach issues like indigestion, gas, bloating, constipation, heaviness, and acidity. This could be when their body is not producing sufficient digestive enzymes to digest the food properly. However, people can optimize their digestive enzymes with the help of a healthy and versatile daily diet. Sometimes, human bodies are not able to produce sufficient digestive enzymes for daily use to digest food. That’s where dietary supplements like VitaPost Digestive Enzymes can help to fulfill the lacking digestive enzymes!

What are VitaPost Digestive Enzymes?

VitaPost Digestive Enzymes is a nutritional health supplement for everyday digestive support. It comprises of a carefully selected blend of digestive enzymes so that the consumers can enjoy more nutrient uptake from their meals. The ingredients of this product are naturally procured from fruits like papaya and pineapple. It is a product manufactured in the United States of America from global ingredients- both quality domestic and imported ingredients.

How does VitaPost Digestive Enzymes supplement work?

There are many supplements in the market that contain specific digestive enzymes, say, only 3-5 enzymes to digest a particular type of food. For instance, there are protease enzymes present in some health supplements that aid in the digestion of proteins.

VitaPost Digestive Enzymes works on a different note. It has multiple digestive enzymes that can help process a wide range of foods. In total, 18 active digestive enzymes are present in the formula. Some work synergistically and each one of them matches with a particular kind of nutrient to support the assessment of the food that is consumed. In addition, to support good digestion, this supplement even supports healthy nutrient absorption from the ingested food.

Ingredients of VitaPost Digestive Enzymes

1. Protein enzymes
The product consists of protease 1, protease 2, bromelain, papain, peptidase, and aspergillopepsin- all digestive enzymes that support the breakdown and digestion of various proteins, starches, gluten, and fats. Papain is a papaya fruit extract while Bromelain is naturally derived from pineapple and is traditionally used in Asian culture owing to its health benefits. Both of these enzymes are mostly used to tenderize meat. Moreover, some studies have reported that aspergillopepsin and peptidase can support the digestion and proper breakdown of gluten. Proteases are enzymes made in the pancreas and are required in the breakdown of proteins.

2. Carbohydrate enzymes
VitaPost Digestive Enzymes has five digestive enzymes responsible for carbohydrate breakdown, including amylase, lactase, glucoamylase, invertase, and beta-glucanase.

Amylase is a digestive enzyme naturally produced in the saliva and gut as well as the pancreas. It helps in the breakdown of starches abundantly present in rice and potatoes and is taken up in excess in modern diets. Lactase is an enzyme made in the small intestine. It helps in the digestion of lactose- a milk sugar, thereby aiding in the digestion of any dairy product. Invertase (also known as sucrose), an enzyme also made in the small intestine, helps in the breakdown of the table sugar (sucrose) found in fruits into simpler sugars: glucose and fructose. Beta-glucanase helps with the breakdown of beta-glucans present in mushrooms. Glucoamylase supports the digestion of carbohydrates by dissolving the bonds at the end of the chain of carbohydrates to release already present glucose.

3. Other useful enzymes
VitaPost Digestive Enzymes contain six other digestive enzymes, including:

  • Xylanases- They are hydrolases that work to hydrolyze the complex polysaccharides called hemicelluloses present in the cell wall of plants. The natural producers of this enzyme are fungi, bacteria, marine algae, snails, yeast, protozoans, crustaceans, seeds, and insects. But, for the supplement, xylanases are taken from filamentous fungi as it is the principal commercial source.
  • Cellulases- These are made by certain bacteria and fungi and help in the breakdown of cellulose, present in plant cell walls, into monosaccharides.
  • Lipases- These enzymes are produced in the pancreas, stomach, and mouth. They are used for the breakdown of fats and oils, thereby helping reduce the risk of nausea, bloating, and heaviness in consumers and supporting their comfort.
  • Hemicellulases- These digestive enzymes are produced by certain fungi and thermophilic bacteria. They are used for the degradation of hemicelluloses such as glucomannans, xylans, arabinoxylans, and xyloglucans present in plant biomass.
  • Phytases- These enzymes are naturally produced in a wide range of animal and plant tissues as well as microorganisms such as yeast, bacteria, and fungi. They help in the breakdown of phytic acid and support the normal absorption of iron from foods.
  • Pectinases- These enzymes are produced by microorganisms, mainly bacteria, fungi, and yeast. They help in the breakdown of pectin- a polysaccharide found in the cell wall of certain plants; used for the maceration of vegetables and fruits and removal of the inner wall of garlic, lotus seed, peanut, and almond

4. Other ingredients
VitaPost Digestive Enzymes also contain vegetable capsules (hypromellose and water), medium-chain triglycerides, and maltodextrin.

Hypromellose or Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is a material mostly used to make supplement capsules. It is a tasteless, clear, 100% vegetarian material, normally made by wood pulp extraction.

Medium-chain triglycerides are a source of fats for people who cannot tolerate dietary fats: long-chain triglycerides. They aid in weight loss as the body can easily break down these fats into ketone bodies and use them for energy. They are used in dietary supplements to treat any disorders for food absorption.

Maltodextrin is one of the ingredients of digestive enzyme supplements as it is a good source of gaining quick calories. It is a fast-digesting carbohydrate and it does not need much water to get digested as other carbohydrates do.

Why do people prefer VitaPost Digestive Enzymes?

The topmost reasons behind the love shown for this product by the customers:

  • It allows the speedy breakdown of the large nutrients present in various foods into simpler substances that are easy to digest and absorb by the body
  • It’s a broad-spectrum formula that works perfectly on almost all types of foods
  • It immensely supports the absorption of nutrients by the body in multiple ways to keep one healthy
  • The supplement is 100% natural and gluten-free
  • The supplement is sourced from an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility and is laboratory tested, therefore it’s safe and legal
  • It is non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) in nature
  • The supplement can even provide relief for certain symptoms of indigestion like bloating, heartburn, and any kind of stomach discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I use Digestive Enzymes supplements?
Take 1-2 capsules before having a meal or along with the meal or as directed by the healthcare professional. Do not take more than 6 capsules daily.

Warning: Avoid exceeding the recommended dose. Do not keep the stomach empty as the supplement works on the food you consume to kick start your healthy digestion. Consumers must not take this supplement for long term to reap health benefits. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, people suffering from any known medical condition, and individuals aged under 18 years must consult a general physician before taking the Digestive Enzyme supplement. The supplement is highly not recommended for anyone suffering from diabetes or taking blood thinners.

2. Do I need to take a doctor’s prescription for purchasing VitaPost Digestive Enzymes?
No, VitaPost Digestive Enzymes can be bought and consumed without a prescription.

3. Is there any return and refund policy applicable to purchased bottles of Digestive Enzymes?
Yes, the customer can go through it for full details at the official website. The unopened bottles of Digestive Enzyme supplements can be returned within 5 months of purchase.

4. Is VitaPost Digestive Enzymes a vegan supplement?
No, the product contains dairy ingredients which makes it non-vegan.

5. Can I get an allergy from VitaPost Digestive Enzymes?
Yes, the product contains common food allergens such as soy, wheat, and dairy derived from fermentation.

6. Are Digestive Enzymes certified by the FDA?
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is not a certifying agency for any dietary supplement such as Digestive Enzymes. However, the supplement is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.

7. Where can I purchase VitaPost Digestive Enzymes and at what price?
VitaPost Digestive Enzymes supplement is exclusively sold on the official website. This way the customers can ensure that their purchased supplements are not duplicated. The different packages available are:

  • One bottle containing 60 digestive enzyme capsules for 30 days costs $24.8.
  • Two bottles having 120 capsules for 60 days comes at a discounted price of $44.80. You can save 4.8 dollars on the total cost.
  • Three bottles with an additional one free bottle overall having 240 capsules for 120 days at a discounted price of $67.20. You can save 32 dollars on the total price.

All these packages are mentioned without the addition of standard shipping charges of $4.95.

8. How can I discontinue the intake of VitaPost Digestive Enzymes?
Do not immediately stop taking the supplement as the body may have become dependent upon it for digestion, instead slowly wean off your body from it so that the body gets time to be adjusted.

9. Is it safe to take Digestive Enzymes supplements?
Digestive Enzyme supplements are safe if they are taken as per recommended dose by anyone not warned by the manufacturer of the supplement. As they contain natural ingredients and are created in an FDA-registered facility with GMP guidelines, they are safe to use. However, such supplements could interact with antacids and certain medications prescribed for diabetes. They may result in side effects such as gas, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

10. Who created VitaPost Digestive Enzymes?
Vita Balance Inc. family is a manufacturing company of health supplements with a brand name as VitaPost. Digestive enzymes are one of the products created and sold under the brand name VitaPost.

11. How are the label ingredients mentioned on the VitaPost Digestive Enzymes supplements different from other digestive enzyme supplements?
The ingredients mentioned on the label of VitaPost Digestive Enzymes are not expressed in terms of weights or calories but rather the enzyme activity. That’s because enzymes are not nutrients and don’t provide energy. Every digestive enzyme present in the supplement is unique in how they act, therefore measurements vary.

The units depicting the measured enzyme activity are defined in the US by the ‘Food Chemical Codex’. Each unit of the ingredients in the VitaPost Digestive Enzymes is not the same. For example, enzymes used for starch breakdown are measured in DU (Alpha-amylase Dextrinizing units), for lipids the unit is FIP, LU, FCCLU, the enzymes digesting proteins are labeled in HUT (Hemoglobin Unit Tyrosine base), for cellulose its CU (Cellulase Unit), for Invertase it’s IAU (Invertase Activity Unit), and for lactase, it’s LacU (Lactase Unit).

12. What are my delivery options?
VitaPost Digestive Enzymes can be distributed only to 20 countries around the world. The list of countries available can be found at the first step of your checkout. Your order will be immediately processed and the shipping of your placed order depends upon the option you choose. There are three shipping options available:

  • USPS-Standard (delivery within 3-5 business days) at $4.95
  • USPS-Second Day (delivery within 2-3 business days) at $9.95
  • UPS/DHL/USPS-Tracking International (delivery within 12-15 business days at $9.95

13. Who might benefit from taking digestive enzyme supplements?
The enzymes produced in the stomach, small intestine, and pancreas can get reduced in number if these organs get diseased. So anyone suffering from medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, low stomach acid production, chronic pancreatitis, and cystic fibrosis or those who have surgically removed their gallbladder might get help from digestive enzyme supplements.

To order this amazing product place the order now at digestiveenzymes.us

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