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Make Your Orgasm Better and More Intense-Know How?

by Shilpi Singh
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Orgasm, also known as a sexual climax, is reaching the height of sexual arousal and achieving peak sexual pleasure. This can happen to anybody, irrespective of gender, who is involved in sexual activity to release tension build-up in their body and genitals. Everyone experience orgasms differently as orgasms are a combination of environmental, physical, psychological, and emotional factors. [1]

For male orgasms, testosterone plays an important role. It is a male sex hormone that raises sexual desire in men and it is like a glue connecting all the contributing stimuli (like mental, physical, etc.), resulting in penile erection, sexual tension, and orgasm/ejaculation. There are four linear phases of male orgasm– arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The orgasm phase has two divisions- emission and ejaculation.

Men can experience 14 different types of male orgasm, including:

  • Ejaculatory orgasm
  • Retrograde (non-ejaculatory) orgasm
  • Pelvic orgasm
  • Prostate orgasm
  • Oral orgasm
  • Anal orgasm
  • Nipple orgasm
  • Blended orgasm
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Breathe orgasm
  • Skin orgasm
  • Sleep orgasm
  • Fantasy orgasm
  • Coreorgasm [1]

Ways for Men to Improve their Orgasm and Even Make It More Intense and Satisfying:

1. Try Edging
According to a sex research study, it has been advocated that men who practice edging, a purposeful delaying of orgasm, can achieve a more intense sexual climax. Therefore, men must work harder up to the brink of an orgasm, slow down a little, pause it right before the need to release, and then start back again instead of giving themselves a predictable happy ending. Repeating this 2-3 times before letting go can help them achieve a more powerful and wholesome sexual climax. [2, 3]

2. Perineum Play or the P-spot (The Prostate) Massage
The perineum or taint is the skin strip lying in between the balls and the anus. It is a highly erogenous zone containing a lot of nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive such that just by touching it with soft hands, men can feel an orgasm.

The prostate gland is a male organ equivalent to the G-spot in females. Externally, men can stimulate their prostate gland by applying gentle pressure to the perineum. To maximize their sexual pleasure, they can go for little anal probing. While having sexual intercourse or oral sex, men can ask their partner to stick their finger just 2 inches inside their butt. Once, they feel a small lump of walnut size, they can press onto it until the pressure feels just right and even apply slight thrusting. If playing solo, a prostate massager or a vibratory butt plug can help them get an orgasm. [2,  3]

3. Try Multiple Orgasms (Prostate and Penile)
With enough practice, men can achieve non-ejaculatory multiple small orgasms in a row that are usually less intense. This requires having a pesky refractory period. The key is to squeeze the pubococcygeal muscles right before reaching sexual climax until the feeling of ejaculation and orgasm can be separately identified. Deep breathing can also help men experience these feel-good sensations without ejaculating. [ 2]

4. Kegel Exercises
Some physical activities known as kegel exercises can help men experience a better orgasm. These exercises help the pubococcygeus muscles of the pelvic floor to contract, thereby providing great control and intense satisfaction/pleasure during sex. Ding kegel can even help men maintain a healthy penis. By contracting the pelvic floor muscles and holding them for 10 seconds 10 times a day, men can experience much better orgasms. [2, 3]

5. Shorten the Refractory Period
The refractory period refers to the time when men are not able to have their penis erect again immediately after they had sex. For every man, the length of this period varies. It can last anywhere between a few minutes to an entire day. However, men can have a shorter refractory period by increasing their sexual arousal by trying out different things like using a sex toy, having sex talks, or just having small new changes and excitement needed to get another penile erection. [2]

6. Use Sex Toys
Sex toys are not only marketed for females, there are a variety of sex toys made for men or penis-owners to pick and choose from and achieve a sensational climax. These include Fleshlight (a popular male masturbator), prostate massagers, cock rings, and butt plugs. [2, 3]

7. Control Breathing
Men can build their orgasms by just trying to zero in all their breath and keep it slow and light, toning the pace with their thrusts. Controlled breathing can help them get enough oxygen-rich blood flow to their genitals, providing them with stronger orgasms, while still not taking away all their breath. [3]

8. Have an Orgasm-Friendly Diet
To be in shape with every aspect of sex life, men must eat better. Their diet must include green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, kale, and bok choy which are rich in folate. Spinach can help increase blood flow to the genitals by dilating the blood vessels. Eating eggs is a must as they are rich in B vitamins, this help reduces stress, and are important for a healthy libido. Adding oatmeal and whole grains to the diet can help boost testosterone levels in the bloodstream. More testosterone production means stronger orgasms. [2]

9. Focus On the Physical Sensation
While having sex, men may start getting lost in different thoughts, which is why they may not feel an orgasm. So for a better orgasm, they must return to their body and concentrate on their physical sensation as their penis goes in and out of the partner’s vagina. This way they could feel their body responding differently. [2]

10. Boost the Testosterone
By trying out different testosterone-boosting activities like running, weight lifting, or playing their favorite sports, men can have a better orgasm. [2]

11. Lower Hypertension
Keeping normal blood pressure can help men have a good sex life along with overall well-being. That’s because high blood pressure can cut down the blood supply to the penis which is required to make it erect. Also, hypertension is known to be linked with reduced sexual desire and ejaculation. [2]

12. Try out Male Sexual Support Supplements
VitaPost Cilexin supplement that can help men be the star of their sexual performance. These supplements contain the finest ingredients from traditional botanical extracts like Maca root, Tongkat Ali, and Panax Ginseng root to modern amino acids (L-arginine) that are scientifically proven to support sexual mood, male arousal, and sexual health- in short help men achieve better and intense orgasms. Their recommended dosage is 2 capsules daily. [4]


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