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What are ‘Blue Balls’ & How to Get Rid of Them?

by Prity Kumari
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“Blue Balls” is a colloquial term for epididymal hypertension- a common men’s problem faced by almost every man at least once in their life. It is thought to happen when one has strong feelings of prolonged sexual arousal or/and penile erection but no orgasm or ejaculation, therefore resulting in pain or discomfort of the testes. It is seen in men who are agitated about not getting indulged in a physically intimate relationship for a long time. This condition can cause sexual frustration in men that may affect other areas of their life. As men have blue balls, females also have their genitals affected due to vasocongestion at the time of arousal when blood flows towards the clitoris and vulva- a condition called the blue vulva.

As per medical experts, the slang “Blue balls” may have gotten its origin from the blue-tinged scrotum having deoxygenated blood congested in the testicles. Blue balls are not a threat to men’s health and not an excuse to pressurize the partner into sexual activity to help resolve the issue. They are in no way affecting men’s future sexual experiences and they do even not last for very long.

Here is everything one must know about blue balls and ways to deal with them. [1, 2, 3]

What are Blue Balls Symptoms?

Although limited research has been conducted on Blue balls, according to the healthcare providers, the anecdotal descriptions of symptoms of epididymal hypertension include:

  • Slight pain in the male private part or aches that radiates to the lower part of the abdomen and also to the waist
  • Testicular problems including little discomfort, tenderness, and heaviness
  • A faint bluish tint in the testicles. [1, 3]

What causes Blue Balls?

When one has sexual arousal, the parasympathetic nerves get activated and there is an expansion of the blood vessels of both the penis and testes. This causes the body to channel the blood into the penis and testicles. The blood vessels that carry blood away from the genital area get constricted and the blood gets engorged there to make both penis and testes swell, stiff, and enlarged, and cause a penile erection.

After ejaculation or when there is no longer arousal, the trapped blood flows out of the penis which makes the penis flaccid again. However, if there is no ejaculation for a long time but arousal for an extended period, extra blood can stay around and the liquid can accumulate in the epidermis. As a result, one may experience a period of heaviness, discomfort, or mild pain in the penis- a condition called epididymis hypertension or blue balls. Blue balls’ condition can get better just in a couple of hours. [1, 2, 3]

Other Causes of Pain and Discomfort in the Testicles

When having epididymal hypertension, pain and discomfort in the testicles are only felt at the time of arousal. However, if there is persistent pain when not aroused, it could be as a result of other issues like:

  • Kidney stones
  • Diabetic neuropathy in the groin area
  • Orchitis- Inflammation of one or both testicles
  • Mumps
  • Prostatitis- a prostate gland disorder associated with inflammation
  • Tight pants
  • Testicular cancer
  • Epididymitis- inflammation of the testicles
  • Sexually transmitted Infections or Urinary tract infections are usually accompanied by inflammation
  • Testicular torsion- rapid twisting of the testicles leading to a lot of pain and swelling.

One must visit a doctor or physician if having the following symptoms in addition to pain. This includes dull aching in the groin area, an enlargement or lump in the groin area, and lower back pain. [4]

How to Resolve or Treat Blue Balls’ Condition?

The quickest course of action to settle epididymal hypertension is to achieve an orgasm. This does not mean that sexual intercourse, oral sex, or masturbation is the only way out.

The blue balls symptoms begin to subside as arousal decreases. If men are unable to reach orgasm or are not able to get genital stimulation for whatever reason, epididymal hypertension can be resolved by not getting aroused. Over time, the blood or fluids will drain out from the penis and testicles, and all the symptoms will slowly cease.

To relieve symptoms and get rid of blue balls, one can try out the following ways:

1. Pour Cold Water on The Testicles: Taking a cold shower or bath or directly making the testicles cold can help treat blue balls. After the bath, testicles must be dried with a towel and touching must be avoided. Cold temperatures would make the testicular pain go away by constricting the blood vessels and not allowing blood accumulation in the testes.

2. Divert Mind to Something Unarousing and Non-Sexual: One can concentrate on different activities to remove focus from the pain and let the condition of the blue ball resolve itself after some time. So, at this time it’s best to do something that keeps the mind busy like listening to music, solving puzzles, computing maths problems, watching movies, etc. By removing sexual thoughts, one can get rid of blue balls quickly.

3. Be Physically Active: Gentle exercises can provide relief to a great extent. By exercising on a routine basis, the blood is not trapped in the genitals and rather flows to different body parts. Moreover, during exercises, all the attention is taken away from the pain. Therefore, exercise is a must for blue ball patients.

4. Applying Compresses: To alleviate soreness of the testicles, warm compresses can be used and with cold compresses further blood flow to the testicles can be stopped.

5. Taking Painkillers: If the pain sensation is not letting one perform any task, pain-relieving medications can kick off the pain or discomfort for a while. [1, 3]

If having blue balls, there is nothing to worry about. After using warm compresses, the testicles must be checked for lumps. Self-care must be practiced and one must be reminded of what feeling god is like. If one is interested to know more about the blue ball treatment, they must consult a healthcare professional.


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