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What are the 10 Rules to Lose Weight?

by Shilpi Singh
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Many people have tried different approaches to weight loss and many of them have failed. Losing weight is probably one of the biggest struggles faced by mankind in today’s time. There are so many weight loss programs and diet plans out there that it is really hard to figure out which one is best and suitable for weight loss. This blog talks about the 10 most critical rules for reaching toned body goals that can assist one in shedding his/her unwanted pounds. These are simple, easy steps that can be thought of as positive long-term lifestyle changes, and when followed they can make a big difference. Anyone considering a weight loss program should assure its decency by checking if it incorporates the majority of these 10 rules. [1, 2, 3]

The top 10 Rules to Lose Weight

These are general rules applicable to everyone aiming for weight loss. Most people will benefit if they adhere to it. In some cases, there will be exceptions that people can achieve desired results despite not following one of these rules. But, for the best chance to effectively and successfully achieve a slim figure, nutrition and health experts simply recommend following these rules and enjoying the results. These rules can be implemented in daily life so that they can seamlessly fit into one’s routine. As they are effective, one can start to see results soon and get positive reinforcement to continue following them along one’s weight loss journey. Committing to them is very important to start seeing the favorable weighing scale tip. [4, 5]

1. Eat Slowly and Regularly, No Dieting
While having meals, stop gobbling food. Slow down on eating, take small bites and ensure that the food is thoroughly chewed before gulping it inside. This way, the stomach gets enough time to signal the brain when full and also aid in better digestion of ingested food as well as better nutrient absorption by the body. Also, don’t stay hungry. It’s important to keep the body fuelled, so don’t skip meals rather split them into two or manage portions. It has been noted that it’s easier for the body to gradually digest meals and keep the body energized than digesting large portions of food and storing the released energy. 4-6 short healthy meals (excluding processed prepacked foods), throughout the day, are preferred. [1, 2]

2. Have Calorie Deficit Diet
It is good to switch diet with calory deficit for weight loss. To lose 10 pounds in a year, one needs to cut on their calorie intake by 100. This 100-calorie rule requires consistency. It must not be overdone and one must not be in a haste for losing weight. Meals must be low in fats and refined carbohydrates and loaded with proteins and dietary fibers. Adapt to healthy eating habits including eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains- all-natural foods rather than processed ones. [1, 3]

3. Regular and Best Exercises for Losing Weight
Keep the body active by doing workouts for at least 30-60 minutes every day, 5-6 days a week. To lose weight, it’s important to for all cardio exercises. But, don’t miss out on strength training to boost metabolism and build lean muscles. 4-5 cardio sessions in a week and 2-3 sessions of strength training can provide great results. The best is to fit exercise into the morning routine before breakfast. [1, 2, 3]

4. Make Water, a Drink of Choice
Water intake is critical to living healthy and longer. So, take plenty of water daily (i.e. about 6-8 glasses of water) to allow the body to function better. Water helps in staving off overeating, keeps the body’s metabolism active, reduces bloating, and also saves lots of calories when chosen over other sugary drinks. This liquid is vital to many essential metabolic processes, including the production of cellular energy and the assistance of the body to metabolize stored fat. One must not mistake thirst as hunger and go for eating rather than drinking water. Sipping on the water can help the body get rid of excess water retention. It’s recommended to time drinking of water before each meal to lose body fat quickly. [2, 5]

5. Follow a Personalized Weight Loss Diet Plan
Talk to a dietician or nutritionist to create an individualized diet plan suiting one’s needs, taste preferences, weight loss goals, and lifestyle. By calculating BMR, one can get to know how much to eat to avoid dieting on less than BMR. One must follow a proper diet plan for weight loss. [4]

6. Avoid Overeating and Emotional Eating
Food should never be taken to suppress or relax feelings. Be more mindfully focused on eating in terms of monitoring portions or calorie intake. It’s advised to take food portions onto a small plate rather than a large plate. It is important to learn to cope with stress and emotional eating. Also, while eating one must stop before the stomach feels full. If food is eaten until feeling full, one will end up taking in a lot of calories in one meal. So, eat until satisfied and not full. Moreover, guard against festive feasting. [2, 3, 6]

7. Have a Consistent Sleep Schedule
Researchers have found that when people who wish to lose weight daily change their bedtime and waketime hours, they can succumb to chronic jet lag. So, even if having sufficient 7-8 hours of sleep, a disturbed sleep schedule can affect the body’s metabolism enough to promote weight gain. Moreover, studies show that people with poor sleep suffer from fatigue. At this time, the body finds it harder to regulate its hunger hormones and “endocannabinoids.” Ultimately, the brain is signaled to indulge in fatty or high-energy foods (which means more calories), even if the body feels no physical hunger. Bedtime snacking must be avoided when aiming for weight loss. [5]

8. Prepare Meals at Home
Fast foods, junk foods, or processed and packaged foods are largely responsible for obesity. So, switch to eating homemade food or snacks. [2, 5]

9. Maintain the Reduced Body Weight
Once, the weight loss goal is reached, maintain the results by having an exit plan. Avoid falling back into unhealthy habits or lifestyle choices. Keep exercising with a healthy nutrition plan. [2, 4]

10. Try out Nutrition Health Supplement Claiming for Weight Loss
Recently, two natural dietary supplements: Keto Trim and Green Coffee Plus have become popular for aiding in weight loss.


The amazing weight loss supplements to get back the desired body shape

Keto Trim is formulated with a patented extract of natural white kidney bean which is proven to reduce the digestion and absorption of dietary starches. Green Coffee Plus contains green coffee extract having powerful antioxidant potential, therefore supporting weight loss.


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