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Vitapost Green Coffee Plus reviews 2023 | Uses, Benefits, Price & More

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Green coffee bean extract has become a trendy health supplement. Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA), also known as chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract, provides several health benefits.

Green coffee beans are regular coffee beans that have not been roasted and are, therefore, unroasted. Their extract is famous as a dietary supplement, but green coffee, like roasted coffee, can also be bought in whole-bean form and is useful to make a hot beverage.

It has a high concentration of chlorogenic acids, with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may give numerous health advantages. Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenolic compound present in coffee that is isolated from the dicotyledonous plant’s leaves and fruits. This compound helps slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream after a meal, improve glucose regulation, and reduce blood pressure.

What is the Origin of Green Coffee Beans?

Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans that are still not roasted into the coffee. When burned, coffee beans lose part of their nutrition and functional characteristics. Green coffee beans are harvested in their raw, unprocessed form to preserve the full benefits of the green coffee antioxidant.

Is Green Coffee Plus an effective weight-loss supplement?
The green coffee bean extract present in VitaPost Green Coffee Plus is marketed as a weight-loss miracle. Many health professionals have now debunked the idea that it has any effect on weight. Despite this, green coffee extract is still one of the most popular weight-loss pills on the market. It drastically lowered overall body weight and fat buildup. To order this amazing weight loss supplement, visit greencoffeeplus.

VitaPost Green Coffee Plus Ingredients

The Green Coffee Antioxidant or GCA is the Secret of VitaPost Green Coffee Plus. Green Coffee Antioxidant content in VitaPost Green Coffee Plus is 50% by weight. GCA’s chemical name is chlorogenic acid. Aside from coffee, it is present in various fruits and vegetables, including apples and pears. VitaPost Green Coffee Plus is one of the most potent green coffee extracts due to its high GCA content.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Has High Potency

Green coffee bean extract is present in VitaPost Green Coffee Plus. Unlike other products on the market, no other substances have been added to the Green Coffee Plus mix, allowing an individual to experience its full, pure effects.

Unleash the Power of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Many people can benefit from green coffee bean extract. For example, VitaPost Green Coffee Plus contains 50% antioxidants and is high in green coffee bean extract.

Benefits of Consuming VitaPost Green Coffee Plus

  • Helps with Weight Loss: Green Coffee antioxidants can help an individual on their weight loss path, especially if they are overweight or obese. Chlorogenic acid helps the body burn out glucose and fat, slows carbohydrate absorption, prevents blood sugar rises, and controls the lipid profile. Green coffee stimulates metabolism, burns fat, and helps people maintain a healthy weight.
  • Get the Best Protection with Antioxidants: VitaPost Green Coffee Plus contains antioxidants that prevent oxidation and free radicals. Antioxidants are incredibly vital for overall health and should be studied. Essential antioxidants include vitamins C and E.
  • Controls Blood Sugar: The chlorogenic acids in green coffee beans help to regulate blood sugar levels and promote insulin sensitivity. While it also significantly reduces inflammation and fat buildup, it aids in the improvement of blood sugar levels and reduces the chance of acquiring type 2 diabetes. Healthy dietary choices, frequent exercise, and beverages such as green coffee can help to manage blood sugar levels.
  • Blood Pressure Control: Green coffee is demonstrated to lower blood pressure and improve heart health significantly. It is known to widen blood vessels and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, both of which raise blood pressure. In addition, drinking green coffee daily can help individuals control their blood pressure.
  • Anti-aging Properties: Green coffee bean extract consists of chlorogenic acids, which have antioxidant properties and are excellent free radical eliminators. This encourages the development of new skin cells, which helps to cover fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, green coffee extracts used in skin care products protect the skin from damaging UV radiation and keep the skin clear.
  • Cancer Prevention: Green coffee beans are high in essential minerals and antioxidants, which enable the body to fight free radical damage. Cancer and other chronic diseases are linked to a higher risk of free radicals. For example, chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans reduces the production of tumor cells and the risk of some types of cancer.
  • Uplifts Mood: The green coffee bean, which is naturally high in antioxidants, is a refreshing beverage that improves psychomotor and cognitive performance and helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Caffeine’s richness boosts dopamine release, the brain messenger that improves mood, attention, alertness, and brain function. It also helps with blood pressure regulation and increases physical performance and endurance.
  • Detoxifier: The green coffee bean is a natural detoxifier that aids in the removal of toxins, impurities, excess fat, and cholesterol from the body. This refreshing beverage boosts the immune system and improves general health and well-being.

Side Effects and Safety

The supplement has a high level of safety. Green coffee products contain various quantities of caffeine, depending on the variety. If a person is caffeine sensitive, they must check the product labels before ingesting it.

As the acceptable dosages for pregnant or nursing women, children, or individuals with liver or renal illness are unknown, these populations should avoid drinking green coffee bean products. In addition, green coffee bean extract should be avoided by individuals allergic to coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a prescription for VitaPost Green Coffee Plus required to buy it?
Without a prescription, one can buy VitaPost Green Coffee Plus.

2. What is the recommended dosage for VitaPost Green Coffee Plus ?
Take one or two capsules with meals throughout the day or as directed by the healthcare provider. Never exceed the recommended dose. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and people with known medical difficulties should consult a doctor before using this or any dietary supplement.

3. Capsules are not something I enjoy doing. Do I have any other options?
VitaPost Green Coffee Plus capsules can be opened, separated, and consumed with food or drink. The doctor also advises against splitting the capsule in half and attempting to swallow the halves because this capsule includes compact powder.

4. What are VitaPost Green Coffee Plus’s advantages?
Green Coffee Plus contains chlorogenic acid, which has been demonstrated to aid in weight loss, particularly in persons who are heavier than the “normal range.” It may also help an individual have more energy to do the things they enjoy.

5. How much caffeine is in VitaPost Green Coffee Plus?
Per serving, this product includes 20 mg of naturally occurring caffeine.

6. What is the number of VitaPost Green Coffee Plus capsules in a bottle?
Green Coffee Plus comes in a package with 60 capsules, equivalent to one month’s supply. Many offers are also available to know more please visit now at greencoffeeplus.

7. What size are the capsules?
The standard 0-size capsules are about an inch long (22 mm). Most individuals believe that swallowing anything this size is simple.

8. Are there any typical VitaPost Green Coffee Plus allergies?
Despite the fact that the formula does not include common allergens, the product is prepared and packed in a facility that may also process milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, crustaceans, and shellfish. If one has any unique allergies, please study the ingredient list.

7. What kind of product is VitaPost Green Coffee Plus?
Green Coffee Plus is a vegan product.

8. Has the FDA given its approval?
This formulation was created with the help of medical professionals in FDA-registered, GMP-certified facilities in the United States. The supplement’s official website contains a variety of supplement facts that demonstrate its efficacy and purity.

9. Where is it manufactured?
Green Coffee Plus is made in the United States with superior local and international components.

10. Where are green coffee beans sourced?
Green Coffee Plus uses Texas-grown beans.

11. What role does VitaPost Green Coffee Plus play in weight loss?
Weight loss can be aided by taking green coffee bean supplements. The presence of chlorogenic acid encourages the body to burn glucose and fat, resulting in less carbohydrate absorption, a smaller blood sugar increase, and a better lipid profile. It is also helpful for weight losing by boosting metabolism.

12. How does green coffee bean supplementation help with hypertension control?
Green coffee bean extracts dilate blood vessels and reduce cortisol levels, both of which are stress chemicals that raise blood pressure. Green coffee aids in the reduction of blood pressure.

13. Does taking Green Coffee Plus supplements help with diabetes management?
The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee beans aids in blood sugar stabilization and increases insulin sensitivity. It also reduces inflammation and fat accumulation, which aids in blood sugar control and lowers the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

14. How does green coffee bean supplementation aid in anti-aging benefits?
The antioxidant characteristic of chlorogenic acid aids in the regeneration of new skin cells as well as the concealment of fine lines and wrinkles. The green coffee extract has been used in skincare routines to protect skin from harmful UV radiation and to make it glow.

15. How does green coffee bean extract aid in cancer prevention?
An increase in free radicals increases the risk of cancer. The presence of chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract may hinder tumor cell formation and advance the risk of various types of cancer.

16. How does green coffee bean extract aid with mood enhancement?
Green coffee bean extract is shown to boost psychomotor and cognitive performance. Dopamine improves mood, attention, alertness, and brain function. Caffeine included in green coffee beans raises dopamine levels. It also aids in the regulation of blood pressure and physical performance.

17. Does green coffee bean extract aid in detoxification?
Green coffee bean extract works as a natural detoxifier, flushing out toxins, impurities, and excess fat and cholesterol.

18. Are there any medications or supplements that I should avoid when using green coffee beans?
 Green coffee bean extract interactions are largely connected to its caffeine concentration. Some green coffee bean extract supplements contain more caffeine, making them more likely to trigger an interaction. At the moment, specific interactions with chlorogenic acid are not well understood or described.

Alendronate (Fosamax):

  • Coffee inhibits alendronate’s bioavailability by 60%.
    Allow two hours between coffee consumption, including green coffee and alendronate administration.

Antihypertensive Medication

  • Blood pressure is reduced by the green coffee extract. Green coffee may have additive blood pressure-lowering effects when combined with antihypertensive medicines; use it with caution.

Adenosine (Adenocard)

  • At the cellular level, caffeine in green coffee acts as a competitive inhibitor of adenosine. Conversely, caffeine does not appear to influence supplementary adenosine because high interstitial levels of adenosine overwhelm caffeine’s antagonistic effects.
    Methylxanthines and methylxanthine-containing products should be avoided for 24 hours before pharmacological stress tests.

Diabetes Treatments

  • As there is caffeine in green coffee, using green coffee and diabetic medications simultaneously may interfere with blood glucose control.
  • In healthy people, green coffee extract, either alone or in conjunction with caffeine, led to small reductions in blood glucose levels.

Cimetidine (Tagamet)

  • As there is caffeine in green coffee, simultaneous use of cimetidine (Tagamet) may raise serum caffeine concentrations and the risk of adverse effects.

Clozapine (Clozaril)

  • As there is caffeine in green coffee, co-administration of clozapine (Clozaril) may acutely worsen psychotic symptoms. Clozapine’s effects and toxicity can be exacerbated by caffeine.

Contraceptive Drugs

  • Concurrent use of contraceptive drugs may increase caffeine concentrations and increase the risk of harmful effects from green coffee’s caffeine content. However, caffeine clearance is slowed by oral contraceptives.

Dipyridamole (Persantine)

  • Green coffee contains caffeine, which prevents dipyridamole-induced vasodilation. Methylxanthines and methylxanthine-containing products should be avoided for 24 hours before pharmacological stress tests. Dipyridamole (Persantine)-induced stress testing appears more susceptible to interference from methylxanthines than adenosine-induced stress testing.

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