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5 Signs of Sexual Frustration and How to Deal With That

by Shilpi Singh
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Does your man not get pleasure from sex? Does he face difficulty in getting in the mood for sex? Does he ask for sex all the time? If such questions are popping into one’s mind, one must be likely to come across sexual frustration.

Most people have the opinion that sexual frustration pertains merely to irritability because of lack of sex but that’s not the only thing, even couples having sex often get sexually frustrated. In reality, sexual frustration is a state of agitation, stress, and irritation caused by unfulfilled sexual desires. As sex is a basic need for all adults, it’s natural to feel frustrated when such needs are not met. There is no shame to have sexual dissatisfaction or frustration.

In this blog, one can explore more about sexual frustration, its causes, the signs indicating sexual frustration among men, and how to manage this feeling. [1, 2]

What is Sexual Frustration?

Sexual frustration is a biological and/or psychological response to having an unfulfilled sexual impulse that many people experience at some point in their life. It is a natural and normal reaction among adults that is not associated with any particular official medical diagnosis. Many people use it as a reference to someone’s sexual needs not being met while having sex or just at the thought of sex, leading to tension.

Sexual frustration can manifest in different maladaptive ways including depression, and agitation., anxiety, anger, and recklessness. It emerges, in the same way, irrespective of gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, or ethnicity of an individual. [1, 4]

What causes Sexual Frustration?

Many factors can contribute to sexual frustration. For instance, a fight between a couple may affect their intimacy and cause sexual frustration or one of the partners may have low libido (sex drive) resulting in misaligned sexual desires.

Therefore, the possible causes of sexual frustration may include:

  • Sexual abstinence
  • Lack of satisfying sexual activity even within a physical relationship
  • Relationship issues
  • Lack of a sex partner or opportunity to have sex
  • Internalized stigma
  • Stress and fatigue
  • Trauma from a past sexual partner
  • Medical conditions including anxiety, depression, high blood
  • pressure, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and sexual dysfunction disorders or male sexual issues like anorgasmia and erectile dysfunction. [1, 4, 5]

Common Signs of Male Sexual Frustration

Sexual frustration can take a variety of forms. Here are some of the signs that a man is sexually frustrated:

  1. He is Having Less Communication.
    Sex requires the two partners to be physically and mentally connected. So, if a man is not able to make efforts to meet his partner at emotional connection points, sexual frustration may stem in him as he is not able to connect and feel his partner.
  2. He is not Showing his Emotions or Running Wild with them.
    Some men who used to be stable in their emotions may suddenly have their emotions reaching heights. Sometimes, the emotions may be at a high peak, and at other times they may drop down to dangerously low levels. The destabilization of their emotional core could be because of sexual frustration.
  3. He has Got Mood Swings.
    Men may have a swift downturn in their moods. Sometimes, they may become extra irritable. There may be times when seemingly minor things may ruin their day or even worse, they may feel that their day is ruined because of their partner. All these could indicate their sexual frustration.
    Sex means to connect with a loved one and when there is little sex, there is less understanding and/or sympathy between the couple. Sex can help release all kinds of stressors and without sex men are allowing their stress to build up and percolate within them, thereby affecting their daily mood.
  4. He is Spending more Time Doing his Hobbies.
    When men have a lack of connection with their partners, they might outlet their pent-up sexual urges in other physical activities. They might invest more time in their hobbies like hitting the gym, bike riding, playing sports and even spending more time with their friends and family. This could be another sign that they are sexually frustrated.
  5. It seems that he Wants to have Sex at all Times.
    If a man is repeatedly sending signals (subtle or otherwise) to his partner and she is not reciprocating, it’s a sign of sexual frustration. But why do men ask for sex all the time? Well, it’s very complex than one can realize. Sex holds a deep link to many other things such as self-esteem, confidence, self-worth, satisfaction, and excitement. For some men, sex is all about getting validated that they are worthy and desired. For others, sex is about deeply connecting with a female partner while some men still use sex to add some excitement to their lives. Most men may have these goals intermingled and they may get frustrated if they are not achieving the connection, excitement, or validation they are longing for. [3]

Some Ways to Let Men Cope with their Sexual Frustration

It’s important to know that sex is not just about being physical for men, they want to feel wanted and loved. So, if men are experiencing sexual frustration, here are some ways to deal with it:

  • Focus on their Overall Health: Men who are meeting their nutritional and sleep requirements would be able to better focus on meeting their sexual needs.
  • Regular Exercising: Men who keep their bodies very active might agree that physical activities can help reduce stress and boost one’s mind.
  • Good Communication: If men voice out their sexual needs and desires, they can avoid getting sexually dissatisfied by their partner.
  • Taking Medications and Health Supplements: Sometimes, men have sexual frustration stemming from issues in their sexual performance such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. By getting treated for such problems, men can achieve a better sexual experience and reduce their sexual frustration.


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