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How to Get Rid of an Unwanted Erection?

by Rimpi Maurya
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Penile erection, also known as a boner, is a healthy, normal body function that marks sexual arousal in males. However, there are times when an erection may happen instantly in social situations or any environment when one is not in the mood to have sex. An unwanted erection in males can be a distressing, uncomfortable, and unpleasant experience.

Want to get rid of unwanted boner? Thankfully, there are many ways to calm the erection which surely not includes masturbating. In this article, one can learn about the causes of erection, reasons behind random erection, and ways to avoid or stop a surprising boner. [1, 2, 3]

Why do Men Have Boners?

During normal routine activities, the penis stays firm. Erections can happen during sexual arousal or randomly, which results in the rushing of blood to the penis. Corpora cavernosa, a pair of muscular structures that are cylindrical and spongy in appearance are responsible for such a reaction.

At the time of sexual arousal or spontaneous erections, the nerve signals trigger more supply of blood to the corpora cavernosa. This sudden flushing of blood results in the lengthening and stiffening of the penis, hence causing an erection. [2]

Why do Unwanted Erections Occur?

Men of any age, especially those who are in early puberty, can have random erections- erections that occur without sexual stimulation. It may seem abnormal, but spontaneous erections usually indicate that men are healthy, young, and reproductively capable. There are three kinds of random erections:

  • Nocturnal erection: It happens early morning or at night when one is asleep and is associated with REM (Random Eye Movement) sleep. Morning erection or morning wood is usually an outcome of a surge in the level of testosterone- a male sex hormone.
  • Psychogenic erection: It occurs when one is having erotic thinking or sexual thoughts. Some men can’t control their erection if they see someone or something arousing, for instance, a sexy girl in a hot dress.
  • Reflexogenic erection: It happens in response to touch.

Unwelcome erections in men can even happen without any actual reason- take it simply as life making the day a little harder for the person. However, it is a sign that the guy is sexually functioning well. [2, 3]

How to Put an End to an Unwanted Erection or Erectile Dysfunction Treatment?

Ejaculation is the most straightforward approach to getting rid of penile erection but it may not work for all men as it is not always possible to reach orgasm when having an erection. Here are some tips to stop a random erection and even avoid having it in the first place without taking any medications or going for therapy.

  1. Get the Mind Distracted
    Anxious thoughts or emotions can lead to sexual arousal and eventually unwanted erection. However, one of the things to stop or avoid erection is to get the mind off it. When having naughty imagination, it’s better to backpedal a little to let the boner easily deflate. So when having an unwanted erection, keep the mind busy. Some ways to keep the mind distracted include solving a math problem, reading a book, watching something in comedy or any other genre except romance or porn, or talking to a friend or anybody else. [1, 2]
  2. Meditation
    Counter-erotic thinking helps get rid of an unwanted erection. Meditation can similarly help clear the mind. It involves taking slow and deep breaths and regulating breathing in such a way that anxiety and stress can be reduced. Beginners of meditation can avoid unwanted erection by focusing on the sound of their breath, acknowledging arousal thoughts, and getting rid of them by refocusing on breathing when their mind wanders. This is known as concentrated or focussed meditation. Another way could be mentally repeating a single word in the mind. Meditation requires regular practice for a few minutes in the morning and at the end of the day. There are many guided meditation podcasts, albums, and apps that can help one practice meditation. So, whenever one is facing a random erection, one can try to meditate few minutes. [1, 2]
  3. Calmingly Wait
    Some men find waiting for an erection to go away on its own as the simplest solution to stop unwanted erections. So, one having the same problem must not panic, sit down or relax, and slowly breathe. Until the little man gets calm and goes into submission, men can cover their genital area with long clothing or hands or keep something over the lap to disguise it. [1]
  4. Reposition the Penis
    Certain body positions can erect the penis especially if the fabric or any other thing is touching the penis or brushing against it. However, by shifting the body position i.e. the way one sits or moves, one can remove or avoid the stimulation of the penis to cause an erection. It may also work for hiding the erection. So, by just placing hands in their pocket one can gently reposition their erect penis. [1, 2]
  5. Take Cold Water Baths or Shower
    Cold temperatures can be reasonably effective to get rid of an unwanted erection. Scientists believe this is because cold temperatures can contract the blood vessels of the penis, thereby reducing blood flow which is needed to trigger erection-ergo limp penis. Not only cold showers or baths but even by pressing a cold can on one’s crotch or using wet wipes over the erectile penis can help remove one’s unwanted boner. [3]
  6. Gentle Exercise
    Some men can distract their erotic or arousal thoughts with gentle exercises. For instance, they can try power walking, jogging, or a leisure ride around nature to stop their unwanted erection. [3]
  7. Pinch and Squeeze the Penis
    Giving a little punishment to the genital area in the form of squeezing and pinching the erect penis can help deflate it. This needs to be done in a private room unless one wants to get accused of jerking off in public. [3]

For instances when time is critical and the above-mentioned tips won’t be helpful for managing unwanted erection, the only way out would be to conceal the erection. This is possible by sitting down and leaning forward, crossing the legs, covering the penis with something, tucking the penis, or excusing oneself and running into a private room or bathroom and waiting for the crotch bulge to subside. [3]


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