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7 Reasons You Should Know About Premature Hair Greying

by Rimpi Maurya
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One of the most bothersome concerns of the contemporary lifestyle is the noticeable premature grey or white streaks of hair. Although some people appreciate having grey or white hair, usually no one would find them aesthetically appealing if they are a teenager or in their early 20s or 30s. In reality, humans eventually have white or grey hair at an older age. It happens naturally to anyone, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, and race. Growing old with white hair is acceptable as aging is inevitable and it will cause the natural hair to lose its natural pigmentation and luster. [1]

Premature hair greying is least expected, and if it happens, it can be distressing. If you are someone who has been struggling to understand what exactly causes premature hair greying and ceaselessly reflecting on how to stop or prevent greying of hair from spreading, this article will be a great help! Continue reading to know 7 evident reasons for premature grey hair. But before jumping on to that section, first, let’s look at the apparent reason for having grey or white hair.

Hair grows from tiny hair follicles which also contain specialized pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. These colored pigments are the melanin that determines the natural hair color of mankind. There are two types of melanin found in hair: Eumelanin (which provides dark hair shade) and Pheomelanin (which gives lighter hair shade), present in different proportions in everyone, hence responsible for one’s unique natural hair color. The melanogenesis process (i.e. producing melanin from melanocytes) takes place when hair is in the active growth phase (anagen stage) of the hair growth cycle. However, with advancing age, the hair follicles start to lose melanocytes and their stem cells, therefore resulting in loss of natural hair pigmentation and grey or white hair. [ 2, 3]

7 Major Reasons Behind Premature Hair Greying and Hair Greying Remedies To Deal With Them

1. Real-life Stress
Stress of any kind can affect individuals of any age group and show adverse effects on their overall well-being. The latest research by the National Institute of Health (NIH) confirms that anxiety and psychological stress can affect the stem cells of melanocytes, thereby leading to premature grey hair. Thankfully, stress-induced hair greying can be addressed by working on emotional and psychological well-being through stress management and relaxation techniques. [2]

2. Lack of Micronutrients
One of the most commonly seen hair greying is because of a poor diet which is deficient in vitamins and minerals. Greying hair in early life is usually because of the inadequacy of micronutrients such as biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, iron, and folate. This claim of micronutrient deficiency affecting natural hair pigmentation is proven in research studies. The same study suggests that the serious effects of micronutrient deficiency can be reversed by diet modifications (i.e. having nutritious foods) or in some cases by natural health supplements. [2]

3. Hereditary
Genetic makeup plays a major role in premature hair greying in men, women, boys, and even girls. So, anyone having a family history of grey hair is more likely to follow the suit. This means one has genes for grey hair that stays since birth and finally show up to be true at some point in one’s life. Unfortunately, there is no remedy to turn grey hair into black. But, when one is aware that their hair condition is irrevocable and they feel anguished with their grey hair, they can resort to different organic hair colors available in the market.

Some research papers also attest to the fact that line of descent and race can also play a role in determining the appearance of grey hair among people. One study reports that Asians can expect greying hair starting in their late 30s, Caucasians can start having them in their mid-30s, and Africans can begin to notice grey hair in their mid-40s. [1, 2]

4. Oxidative Stress
Reactive oxygen species or free radicals floating in the atmosphere are another common cause of premature hair greying. They are known to cause oxidative damage to the skin or hair cells. One can suffer from oxidative stress because of exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun, emotional stress, air pollution, autoimmune or inflammatory disease, and a poor diet lacking antioxidants which help fight the free radicals. By avoiding these reasons behind oxidative stress, one can combat premature hair greying. [2,3]

5. Use of Chemical Hair Products
People who make use of harsh chemical dyes or haircare products in their regular hair-care regime, over time usually experience their hair turning grey. One such damaging chemical agent that acts as a hair bleach is hydrogen peroxide. Thus, to avoid greying hair, an individual must watch out for chemicals in their hair-styling and hair-care products like serums, shampoo, conditioner, hair dyes, hair spray, etc. [2]

6. Smoking
A study article published by NCBI has reported a significant link between untimely hair greying and smoking cigarettes. The study suggests that smokers have two and a half times more chances of getting premature grey hair (before the age of 30) as compared to non-smokers. If this is the primary reason for grey hair, the easiest and only effective solution is to cease smoking. [2]

7. Underlying medical condition
There are many autoimmune disorders known to be associated with premature hair greying. These include autoimmune thyroid diseases, Werner’s Syndrome (a premature-aging syndrome), pernicious anemia (a type of Vitamin B12 deficiency-induced anemia), Vitiligo, and alopecia areata (a type of hair loss). Only proper medical hair greying treatments provided by expert of the underlying condition can help one restore their natural hair color. [2]

Premature Hair Greying Treatment with Nutritional Support Formula

One of the popular revolutionary dietary supplements that can help prevent or treat premature hair greying in males or females whether young or old is VitaPost Foligray.


VitaPost Foligray is an everyday use natural hair health and color support packed with Copper, Zinc, Folic Acid, Biotin, D-Calcium Pantothenate, Catalase, and many herbal extracts. Its recommended dose is 2 capsules of Foligray daily with a meal or as directed by the health expert. [4]


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