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Foligray Reviews 2023 | hair growth Benefits, Ingredients and more

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Every human has different hair colors that make them stand out from others and feel special about themselves. There are hundreds of hair color shades including black, copper, blond, chestnut, golden, and brown. However, no one can enjoy beautiful hair for lifelong. At some point in life or with inevitable aging, everyone will be affected by graying hair.

Premature graying of hair is a stress for many people as they start to feel aged and aesthetically unappealing. Therefore, some people with gray hair try to conceal their bitter truth by cutting their hair or using hair dyes. But, the good news is there is another simpler approach to keep hair naturally healthy, strong, and beautiful as long as possible. Introducing Foligray natural support for everyday use for graying hair as a solid reply to the universal conundrum of how to grow old but keep looking young!

What is Foligray?

Foligray is a natural dietary supplement, a product claiming to provide good support to graying hair, assist in the management of the process of hair pigmentation (i.e. support one’s natural hair color), and keep one’s hair growing healthy, strong, and thick. Mind that it must not be thought of as a cure for gray hair as it is not a treatment or a canities drug. The quality ingredients of this formula are both domestic and imported. The product is sold under the brand name of VitaPost. Its manufacturing company is Vita Balance Inc. domiciled in Virginia, USA. One can know everything about this product from the dedicated website designed by the manufacturer of this product and other supplements.

Understanding the Process of Hair Pigmentation

Humans get their natural hair color from melanin- a group of colored pigment molecules. These pigments are produced by specialized cells called melanocytes, which are situated in the hair follicles. Specifically, for natural hair color, two melanin groups are responsible: Eumelanin and Pheomelanin. The former pigment gives hair a darker shade while the latter pigment represents a lighter hair shade. Different proportions of these two melanin groups determine one’s hair color. As the hair strands grow from individual hair follicles, the melanocytes function to dye them and consequently lead to hair strands bearing the same color as the natural melanin makeup of the individual.

Why Does Hair Undergo Premature Graying?

Over time, with age and normal physical and oxidative damage, there is a loss of melanocytes and their stem cells present in the hair follicles. The disappearance of melanin-producing melanocytes overall results in less production of melanin. Therefore, the natural process of hair pigmentation gets affected and the individual hair color becomes lighter than before or gray.

The Different Factors That Contribute to Graying of Hair Include:

  • Genetics- Usually, people can expect graying of their hair after 35-40 years but some can notice strands of gray or white hair in their 20s. The graying of hair may be influenced by hereditary. The senior relatives of the individual might have experienced premature graying of their hair and so the individual does.
  • Aging- Melanocytes grow in humans even before they are born. However, with advancing age, the quantity of these cells begins to decrease as most of them die and don’t replicate. Over time, there are no active melanocytes in the hair follicles, therefore senior people have more gray or white hair than youngsters.
  • A build-up of hydrogen peroxide- Melanin production is greatly reduced if the hair is exposed to high levels of hydrogen peroxide. Catalase is an enzyme naturally present in hair follicles. It is capable of breakdown down hydrogen peroxide. When a person gets older, there is little or no catalase enzyme remaining to break down hydrogen peroxide. Hence, the hair loses its melanin and turns gray.
  • Lack of essential nutrients- This includes a lack of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, copper, iron, and iodine which are known to keep hair healthy and bright.
  • Environmental or lifestyle factors- These include physical, emotional, or chemical stressors like smoking. Stress can result in spasms of blood vessels and disturbance of hair nutrition that damages hair. Moreover, it can encourage the production of free radicals that further damage the melanocytes.
  • Certain health issues- These include autoimmune diseases, skin diseases, albinism and vitiligo, and digestion and kidney problems.

How do Foligray Supplement Works?

The ingredients present in the Foligray act on all the external factors contributing to the loss of hair color and hair fall. Foligray provides the scalp with all the essential nutrients that are required to keep the hair healthy as long as possible. If the hair is turning grey due to hydrogen peroxide build-up, then also no need to worry, the supplement contains catalase that destroys hydrogen peroxide and preserves the natural hair color. The only exception where Foligray won’t work is when the hair grows prematurely due to genetics.

The Foligray Formula

The blend of natural ingredients present in Foligray are:

  • Vitamins- includes Vitamin B6 (as Pyroxidine HCl), Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 (as d-calcium pantothenate), Vitamin B7 (Biotin), and Vitamin B9 (Folate). Pantothenic acid supports healthy hair, natural hair pigmentation and hair growth process, and even adrenal health. The adrenal produces hormones that help the body deal with any stress. Biotin can help yield energy from food and metabolize fats and proteins. Along with zinc, it can help prevent hair loss.
    Pantothenic acid, often known as vitamin B5, can be obtained either by diet or supplementation. Pantothenic acid aids in hair pigmentation, hair health, hair growth, and adrenal health. In addition, the adrenal glands create hormones that aid the body’s stress response. This is why some individuals who experience intense stress are more likely to benefit from vitamin B5 supplementation.
  • Minerals- includes Zinc (as oxide) and Copper (as oxide). Copper is an essential trace mineral that forms a key part of Tyrosinase- an enzyme catalyzing the production of melanin. Zinc is essential for strong hair and healthy skin as well as a healthy immune system.
  • Botanicals- includes Horsetail stem extract, Saw Palmetto Berries extract, plant sterols (beta-sitosterol), Nettle root extract, Chlorophyll extract (from Chlorella), Fo-Ti Root Powder, and Barley Grass Juice Powder.

  • Catalase Enzyme- that catalyzes the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide into water, thereby preventing oxidative damage caused by hydrogen peroxide in the context of hair structure and pigmentation.

  • Others- Gelatin (Bovine), L-tyrosine, PABA (para-Aminobenzoic Acid), Silicon Dioxide, and Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

Why do People Prefer Taking Foligray Supplements?

After taking Foligray supplements, gradually over the months, one can expect to enjoy a lot many benefits, including:

  • Support and Nourishment for healthy hair and normal hair pigmentation process in a natural way
  • Support for healthy, thick, and strong hair growth
  • Healthy catalase levels for supporting the hair quality and health of the hair follicles
  • Helps reduce the number of gray hair and manage them well as well as prevent hair loss
  • Contains pantothenic acid that relives stress- one of the factors contributing to graying hair.
  • No induced addicted behavior
  • Helps repair split ends by improving hydration levels
  • Easy to consume
  • For hair care, one would not need any protective shampoos, scrubs, or oils and wastage of money or effort on useless haircare products rather 10 seconds daily is needed to gulp two capsules of Foligray.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Suggested Directions for Use of Foligray?
Two Foligray capsules must be taken with a meal in a day. Every bottle is packed with 60 capsules that are equivalent to a one-month supply at directed use. It is recommended not to exceed this daily dosage.

2. How Much Time Does Foligray Take to Work?
The effects of taking Foligray supplements daily will vary for each customer depending upon their diet, genetics, lifestyle choices, and stressors. However, the majority of users of Foligray report the best results after a period of 90 days.

3. Do I need to Have a Doctor’s Prescription for the Purchase of Foligray?
No, Foligray can be bought without taking a medical prescription.

4. Is There a Need for Lifestyle Changes to use Foligray?
No, there is no need to make specific lifestyle modifications to use Foligray. However, along with the consumption of these supplements, the buyer must take a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise well. This way, the nutrients present in the supplement will get better absorbed.

5. Can Foligray Supplements be Internationally Shipped?
Yes. There are 20 different countries across the globe where Foligray supplements can be delivered. The list of these countries can be seen once the order is placed and the customers are on their first step of check-outs.

6. What are the Shipping Charges for Delivery of Foligray?
Foligray supplements are immediately processed after placement of their order and shipped to the customers depending upon which delivery option they choose.

7. Is any Gift Card Acceptable as Valid Means of Payment for the Purchase of Foligray bottles?
No, currently there are no gift cards acceptable to support valid payment for Foligray or any other dietary supplements manufactured by VitaBalance Inc.

8. After I Purchase Foligray, will I be Placed into Reoccurring Billing or Subscription Model?
No, when one will buy Foligray supplements, it’s considered a single-time purchase. One won’t be billed for recurring payments after completing their purchase. Re-ordering of Foligray is only in the hands of customers if they are satisfied with the product.

9. Can I Return and get a Refund for Unused Bottles of Foligray?
Yes, the sellers of Foligray stand 100% behind this supplement, so they are happy to take back the unopened bottles of Foligray only within 5 months of their purchase. If for any reason one is unsatisfied with Foligray, the manufacturer can provide one with a replacement or a refund within a month of receipt. In such cases, the shipping costs are paid by the manufacturing company, Vita Balance Inc. For further details on the return and refund policy, check the official website.

10. What is the Price of Foligray?
The official product page (foligray.net) of Foligray supplements can be checked out online to see deals and cost-saving offers provided by the manufacturer. The price quoted for the supplement is more than reasonable. The seller has put a 60-capsule bottle of Foligray (i.e. 30 days supply) and 2 bottles of Foligray having 120 capsules together (i.e. 60 days supply) for sale at a discounted price. There is also a popular massive discount for any customer who purchases four bottles of Foligray. The four bottles are sold with an additional free bottle having 300 capsules in total (i.e. 150 days supply). Buyers should go for ordering of bigger quantity of Foligray, as the supplement gradually works and for most customers, it takes about 3 months without any gaps in its intake to see the desired effect.

11. Can I get a Free Trial of Foligray?
There is no such free trial for this product. Online retailers such as Amazon do not currently offer a free trial of Foligray. However, the manufacturer has placed a discount for multiple purchases of the bottles of this supplement.

12. Where Can I Buy Foligray?
The product is not available for purchase or trial through online retailers and in traditional brick-and-mortar establishments i.e., over-the-counter at pharmaceutical stores. Solely, Foligray supplements are available for purchase at the manufacturer’s official website as only they are authorized sellers for such dietary supplements. This helps in the process of taking out counterfeit products, which can be harmful and ineffective. Therefore, the buyers can ensure that the product they purchase is of the highest possible quality and is safe to be purchased directly from the manufacturer cum seller of the product.

13. Is Foligray Supplement Safe?
Yes, the Foligray supplement is 100% safe, as it’s completely natural and there are no dangerous chemical ingredients present in it. The product formula is suitable for all genders, but not for children and adolescents under the age of 18 years. Pregnant and lactating women as well as individuals who are suffering from any known health conditions or allergic reactions must consult a healthcare professional before taking these supplements otherwise they may experience health complications.

14. Are there any Common Allergens in Foligray?
Yes, the product contains Soy and wheat-the common food allergens.

For more information on this amazing product and if one wants to place an order, please visit now at www.foligray.net

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