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Signs of Slow Metabolism

by Shilpi Singh
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Having a good diet and regular exercise but still gaining weight? It’s possible that we have a slow metabolism.

Our body uses metabolism to burn energy for essential biological processes, including breathing, heartbeat, body temperature, energy level, and brain function. People with a quick metabolism may eat anything they want and not gain weight since their metabolism uses food as fuel, but people with a slow metabolism must make more effort to decrease or maintain their weight. [1,2]

Do you worry that your metabolism isn’t keeping up?

Watch for these common signs of slow metabolism.

Weight Gain
Our body’s metabolism is the process of turning the food and liquid we consume into energy. Even though food consumption and activity are the two factors that most significantly affect our weight, a slow metabolism might result in weight gain. We burn fewer calories from the same quantity of food in a day if our body slows down the conversion of calories. Our body thus begins to store extra fat. [2]

This will make us feel tired more frequently since our body will burn energy more slowly. Fatigue is the most prevalent indication of slow metabolism, other than issues with weight. [2, 3]

Dry Skin
Our cells aren’t as active as they should be when we have a slow metabolism, which prevents them from receiving the correct blood flow. The skin loses its sheen as it struggles to absorb essential nutrients. We sweat less as our body makes an effort to save heat which in turn affects our skin, leaving it dry and cracked. [2, 4]

Brittle Nails
A slow metabolism can impair the health of our nails in the same ways that it might damage the condition of our skin and hair. Nails become more brittle due to a slower rate of food absorption caused by a slow metabolism. [2,5]

Headaches or even migraines can occur when our thyroid hormones are out of balance, which occurs with an underactive thyroid. [4]

It seems sensible that while hypothyroidism slows down bodily functions, it might also affect our mood. Sluggish thyroid function and hence slow metabolism have been associated with depression. [1,5]

Menstrual Problems
Numerous bodily processes and activities, particularly those related to the reproductive system, include the thyroid. Menstrual issues might occur if the thyroid isn’t generating reproductive hormones regularly. These could include cramps or irregular periods. [3,5]

Decreased Sex Drive
Having low thyroid hormone levels could affect our ability to get in the mood as well as low testosterone levels. [2, 5]

A slow metabolic rate makes our body take longer to process food, resulting in constipation. [2. 5]

Causes of Slow Metabolism

Hormonal Imbalance
There are several factors that can contribute to slow metabolisms, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, diabetes, and stress, which affect the release of hormones to slow down our metabolism.

The body’s capacity to utilize energy and our metabolism may both be negatively impacted by sleep deprivation. One of the causes might potentially be a sedentary lifestyle. Working from home has increased the amount of time we spend sitting still, which further slows down our metabolism.

The human body will cling to everything it can obtain as a result of the dramatic dietary changes and calorie reductions, which also conflict with the body’s normal metabolic rate. Diets may cause a person’s metabolism to slow down. Our metabolism may also slow down if we eat too little protein. The US NIH claims that a diet high in protein can enhance metabolic rate by 20–30% and that after the diet, the body burns calories at a higher rate. [1,2,3,4,5]

Ways to Boost Your Metabolism
People may have slow metabolisms for a variety of reasons, but several foods and beverages, including green tea, coffee, and spices, have been said to help speed up metabolism. There is not enough data to support their long-term efficacy.

Spend no more time experiencing unpleasant symptoms of a slow metabolism. Simple dietary and activity modifications can have a significant influence on metabolism. You’ll begin to notice the distinction.

Boost Your Metabolism With

Our metabolism can be increased by engaging in aerobic activity for at least 150 minutes per week. If you wish to lose weight, you can increase the weekly time and divide it up any way you like for the full week. You can incorporate exercises like walking, swimming, and cycling. An enjoyable technique to replace our body fat with muscular growth is through strength exercise. These workouts can be performed by lifting weights, engaging in high-intensity activity, etc., on a few days per week.

Medical Examination
It is possible that you have a medical condition that slows your metabolism, such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s syndrome. If exercising regularly and making lifestyle modifications do not help, then it is recommended to seek further medical treatment. [3, 4, 5]

The Bottom Line
Our body’s ability to function depends heavily on our metabolism. Age, muscle mass, and physical activity are a few variables that can influence how our metabolism consumes calories as fuel. The body’s metabolism has nothing to do with whether we acquire or lose weight. Our weight is more affected by calories in vs. calories out. Cutting calories drastically might have a detrimental impact on how metabolism functions. Taking part in lifestyle activities that slow down your metabolism might eventually result in weight gain. It’s preferable to prevent or limit your exposure to them as much as possible.

Having said that, there are a number of simple activities that can boost your metabolism and help you lose weight, and keep it off.

Consult your healthcare provider about other ways to achieve a healthy weight or to know more about calory deficient diet for weight loss. [4. 5]

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