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How To Know If My Body Is In Starvation Mode?

by Shilpi Singh
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The natural and physiological reaction of the body to prolonged calorie restriction is termed starvation mode, also known as metabolic damage. When a person consumes too low of calories for an extended period, their body adjusts by lowering the number of calories they burn throughout the day. The body does this to maintain the energy balance between calories in and out to prevent starvation.

A person’s body becomes anxious when they eat fewer calories because it fears that they will not soon be able to eat more. To make up for this potential food deficiency body overcompensates by burning fewer calories and storing fat reserves. As a result, instead of continuing to lose weight, their bodies reach a weight loss plateau.

Although the person must reduce calorie intake to lose weight, particular apparent symptoms indicate a person is not getting enough calories. After skipping a few meals, the body does not automatically enter adaptive thermogenesis. However, after undereating consistently for a sizable amount of time, you will start to feel the consequences and see that you are not losing any more weight.

Starvation Mode’s Warning Signs and Symptoms May Include:

Lethargy: Essentially, calories serve as the body’s fuel. Because of this, when a person does not consume enough fuel, they will run out of gas. They will feel this through a general lack of energy and motivation and a general sense of exhaustion.

Feeling cold: If someone’s body has entered adaptive thermogenesis, calorie restriction will drop their core body temperature, which may cause them to request more sweaters to stay warm.

Constipation: For bowel motions, the body needs food. Without those foods, especially those high in fiber like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, bowel movements will be less frequent, and the stools will be more complex and uncomfortable to pass.

Depression: Several factors, including dietary deficits, can lead to mental health problems. If someone is not eating enough and their body has entered hunger mode, then it is possible that they are not getting the nutrients needed to improve their mood. These nutrients include zinc, iodine, vitamin D, vitamin B vitamins, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and folate.

Hair loss: Lack of calories may cause hair loss, which is likely a sign that one is not receiving the proper nutrients needed for hair to maintain its health, similar to how depression manifests in the form of hair loss. Fats and protein are among these crucial nutrients.

Feeling constantly sick: When someone is on a starvation diet, their body is not receiving enough nutrients to support a robust immune system and fend against infections. This is the result of needing to eat more. During this period, individuals will notice that routine illnesses like the common cold feel worse than they are and take a very long time to heal.

Missing periods: A woman may not get pregnant if she misses her menstruation for a month or longer. Amenorrhea, which occurs when women skip at least three menstrual cycles in a row, could be the reason. The body is starving when a woman keeps skipping meals, and she denies the body’s need for nutrients to function correctly in the reproductive system. These dietary inadequacies affect the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which cause illness.

Sleeping issues: A wide variety of sleep disorders and issues currently impact a large portion of the population. Things only worsen when people add a rigid diet to the mix.

Mood swings: One experiences continual hunger while in starvation mode. When one is hungry, no one is ever content.

How to Avoid Going into Starvation Mode?

People might make changes to get the numbers on the scale to start moving again if they believe their body has reached a weight-loss plateau due to calorie restriction. They can escape from adaptive thermogenesis by eating more food, although this may appear paradoxical for weight-loss goals. Here are a few methods to accomplish that:

Planning your meals: Making a schedule for a person’s meals and snacks can help them remember to eat regularly and help ensure they get the nutrients they need to prevent starvation symptoms. To ensure that they are routinely consuming enough potassium and magnesium, a person can plan to consume leafy greens and fortified oatmeal while incorporating snacks of walnuts and dinners of fatty fish to ensure they are getting adequate omega-3 fatty acids.

Eating frequently: A person may occasionally not feel hungry, which is a sign that they are in starvation mode. However, individuals should consume a modest meal or snack every three to four hours to overcome a weight-loss plateau and exit adaptive thermogenesis. Furthermore, by eating frequently, one can avoid the typical mistake of going too long between meals, leading to ravenousness and binge eating later in the day.

Include strength training in the program: A person will start to lose muscle mass and fat if they begin to lose weight without taking any steps to keep their muscle mass intact. In order to maintain a high enough metabolic rate-the pace at which their bodies burn calories—to avoid going into famine mode, muscle mass is essential. Therefore, a minimum of twice a week should be set aside for strength-training activities, including bodyweight exercises like squats and pushups as well as weight-training on gym equipment.

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