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How to Gain Weight Back After Being Sick in Healthy & Safe Ways 2023?

by Shilpi Singh
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Getting sick can cause people to lose their body weight and feel low. Such people may get stressed or frustrated in waiting to feel normal again, may experience less energy to do any activities that they love, and feel pressured to earn money. Thankfully, recovery from any illness can get a jump start with proper nutrition. Eating healthy and in the right amounts not only helps people recover their healthy physique but even the strength or energy levels of their body and mind, thus making it easier for them to lead a happy, healthy life.

For most individuals who were once sick, starting slow and not thinking of getting well quickly can help ease some of their pressure to be normal again as soon as possible. Natural healing of the body takes time. Therefore, sick people must be compassionate and have patience so that they don’t suffer from depression or anxiety and take less stress when they are trying to recover from their illnesses.

The first way out for sick people seeking weight gain is to start piling on more calories. They can easily achieve this through healthy calorie-loaded foods or drinks. But, if people have some stomach illness, gut health problems like malabsorption or irritable bowel syndrome, or have experienced side effects of chemotherapy, they must speak to a registered dietician to know about foods that can specifically work for them to help regain healthy body weight.

However, one risk of tracking the amount of calories intake in a day is disordered eating behaviours. Some of the symptoms of disordered eating behaviours include binging, using foods and exercise as punishments or rewards, emotional eating, obsessive behaviour on what to eat or how to look, regretting or feeling guilty about eating certain foods and hiding from others the amount of your food intake. In that case, it becomes necessary to get professional guidance and support for the weight gain journey.

Keep reading further to learn how sickness leads to weight loss in people and what are the possible ways to gain the healthy weight back again after a period of illness with the amazing Weight Gain Capsule and Supplements in America. [1]

How can being sick affect body weight?

Stomach-related illnesses resulting from bacteria, viruses, or other germs in the body often result in a drop of a few pounds. That’s because sick people would naturally eat less, and experience unusual bowel movements like diarrhoea, and whatever they eat in the past they might vomit in an attempt to eliminate or kill the disease-causing germs. If they continue to have diarrhoea and vomiting multiple times for a few days, they may end up losing a lot of body fluids and food left in their digestive tract.

Also, their bodies are unlikely to retain any fluids or liquids and so they won’t be able to replace whatever they have lost. This drastic change of fluid volume, meaning the loss of water weight, in their bodies, can show up on the weighing scale. However, the good news is that body weight can come back to a healthy range when sick people start to feel better and eat and drink again. [4, 5]

Science-backed tips to regain body weight after a period of illness

Focus on eating for weight gain, healthy eating can wait.

This does not mean not choosing healthy, nutrient-rich foods. However, it is important to admit that if people have recently lost some of their pounds, their focus must be to regain normal body weight to optimise their general health. This means, having any food of their choice for some time, then so be it! [3]

Snack on energy-dense foods throughout the day.

This means people must have meals containing portions of energy-dense foods but their amount of intake must not increase. Energy-dense foods have more calories relative to their weight. Some examples of such foods include nuts like almonds, walnuts, and peanuts; dried fruits like prunes, raisins, and dates; fats and oils like extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil; high dairy fats like whole milk, full-fat yoghourt, cream, and cheese; whole grains like brown rice and oats; meats like pork, chicken, lamb, and beef; tubers like potatoes and yams; others such as dark chocolate, coconut milk, granola, trail mix, and peanut butter. [2, 3]

Increase intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

High-quality proteins in adequate amounts are necessary for optimal growth and development and the general wellness of an individual. They provide physical strength in healthy adults. Examples of protein-rich foods include fish, eggs, meats, legumes, nuts, and some dairy products. Protein whey powder can also be taken as a supplement to increase protein intake.

Furthermore, if people prioritise weight gain, they should eat plenty of carbohydrates and fats in their meals. Carbohydrate-rich foods include rice, whole grain bread, whole grain cereals, dried fruits, dark chocolate, and other starches like pasta, corn, sweet potato, chickpeas and beans, and others. Healthy fats that are high in calories are unsaturated. Some of the foods containing healthy fats for weight gain include nuts and seeds, avocados, and olive oil. [2, 4]

Have nutritious drinks too.

Drinking water is free of any calories or macronutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. If people are not able to eat and want to get the required nutrients through a liquid diet, instead of drinking water, they must start having nourishing smoothies, juices, or hot and cold beverages like tea and coffee. [3]

Take small, frequent meals.

In case of reduced appetite following a period of sickness, when people are not able to manage to eat the same as previously, then they must eat little and often. That means they must have 3-5 small meals or some snacks of high-energy, high-protein, and high-carb or healthy fats in a day. [3, 4, 5]

Have proper, restful sleep.

Taking proper sleep at night is very important to keep the system working efficiently and to allow muscle growth- which adds to body weight. [3]

Avoid drinking water before meals.

Drinking plenty of water just before meals can cause the stomach to fill with water and make it harder for people to eat enough to get the required calories for their weight gain. [5]

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