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Foods Burn Fat While You Sleep

by Shilpi Singh
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You might be astonished to learn that even while deeply sleeping, the body is constantly burning calories. Calories must be transformed into energy for all bodily functions, including breathing and regulating body temperature. That includes the effective pumping of blood to all the organs. [1, 2]

Additionally, when you sleep, your body performs all of its cellular repair and regeneration processes, which also demand some energy in the form of calories. On a serious note, you burn more fat if you sleep for 8 hours or more every night. [1, 2]

Dinner should consist of foods that will increase metabolism, soothe the gut, improve sleep quality, and have a thermogenic effect. Additionally, it would be a good idea to consume meals rich in amino acids that raise serotonin levels in the body, which aid in the production of melatonin, which promotes restful sleep and energized awakenings. [2, 3]

Do you burn fat while you sleep?

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep causes your body to burn more calories (and fat if you’re currently in a calorie deficit). Therefore, you will burn more calories if you sleep for a more extended period. [1]

Even though having more sleep won’t magically burn fat and help you lose weight, it has been shown that obtaining insufficient sleep will cause you to gain weight and have greater desires. [1]

Healthy Foods That Help You Burn Fat

We highlight foods that burn fat while you sleep in this article. Here are some nutritious foods that promote fat loss.

  • Coffee
    One of the most consumed beverages in the world, coffee is a fantastic source of caffeine, which has been shown to increase both mental and physical function and mood. Additionally, it can aid in fat burning. According to research, caffeine raises metabolic rate by an astonishing 3–13%, depending on the amount ingested and the individual reaction.[4]
  • Eggs
    Eggs are loaded with nutrients and might aid with weight loss. According to studies, breakfasts made with eggs help overweight and obese people feel fuller for extended periods and eat less throughout the day.[4]
    According to several studies, eggs are a fantastic source of high-quality protein, which raises metabolic rate by roughly 20–35% for several hours after eating. The increase in calorie expenditure that takes place during protein digestion may be one of the factors that make eggs so full. [2, 3, 4]
  • Green Tea
    An excellent beverage option for optimal health is green tea. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a powerful antioxidant found in green tea. This antioxidant encourages fat burning and the reduction of belly fat, in addition to offering a modest dose of caffeine. [4]
  • Chili Peppers
    Chili peppers are used for more than just making meals spicy. Their potent antioxidants could lessen inflammation and aid in cell protection. Additionally, studies indicate that capsaicin, an antioxidant found in chili peppers, may aid in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight by encouraging fullness and discouraging overeating. Several times each week, give eating chili peppers or adding cayenne pepper in powder some thought. Additionally, this substance may increase calorie burn and aid in fat loss. [2, 4]
  • Whole grains
    The best thing you can do to support your weight reduction journey may be to eliminate all refined carbohydrates from your diet. Switch from refined wheat and cereals to whole, unprocessed grains like ragi, jowar, and bajra (instead of white rice). [4, 5]
  • Paneer/Cottage Cheese
    In addition to being high in protein, paneer contains tryptophan, which promotes a restful night’s sleep by raising levels of serotonin and melatonin in the body. Tryptophan also helps to improve metabolism. [5]
  • Greek Yogurt
    We’re not talking about the flavored Greek yogurt tubs that are sold in stores; instead, choose plain, unflavored Greek yogurt, which has a high probiotic content and aids in the significant reduction of belly fat. [5]
  • Cucumbers
    Cucumbers are a natural option for anybody on a diet since they are low in calories and rich in water content. Preparing juice from cucumbers and parsley may purify the body, speed up metabolism, and help you burn as you sleep. [5]
  • Walnuts
    Like almonds, walnuts are an excellent source of protein, healthy fats, and metabolism-boosting nutrients. Walnuts and almonds are good sources of fat-burning calories you may eat throughout the day. [5]
  • Avocado
    One well-known superfood is avocados. They are the ideal complement for anyone following a ketogenic diet since they are incredibly high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Due to the high fiber present in it, you will feel fuller for longer and won’t wake up hungry. Try to include avocado in your diet immediately because it can help you lose weight before night. [3]
  • Citrus Fruits
    For a short period of time, eating citrus fruits can increase your metabolism and speed up your body’s fat burning. The most fantastic citrus fruit to eat, especially for weight reduction, is grapefruit because it balances blood sugar levels, making it easier to resist cravings for sweet, sugary meals. However, all citrus fruits offer advantages for burning fat. [4]
  • Stay Hydrated
    Do not dehydrate! It has been demonstrated that increasing your water intake speeds up your metabolism. [3]


But some meals and drinks, besides their other health advantages, may also help speed up your metabolism slightly. There is some evidence that including a few of these in your regular diet will help you lose weight and improve your health. One can also try some weight loss supplements that aid healthy weight loss. [5]

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