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Does Dieting Actually Work?

by Shilpi Singh
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In modern society, a slim physique is often praised while a chubby or heavy-weight body is considered shameful. That’s why dieting is encouraged by most people looking for a quick fix to achieve the perfect figure. But, does it really aid in weight loss? Let’s find out! [1]

What is dieting?

Diet is usually the foods and drinks an individual regularly consumes. Dieting is a term referring to a purposeful practice of eating food in a regulated manner in an attempt to lose or maintain healthy body weight; experience health benefits, and/or avoid health complications associated with excessive weight. [5]

So, can dieting actually work to serve its purpose?

If people choose and follow their diet carefully, they can expect to experience weight loss. A calorie deficit or macronutrient-restricted diet can aid in weight loss. But, that’s temporary and often it’s considered as not a healthy, balanced way of eating. It’s not possible rather not recommended for everyone to indefinitely place restrictions on their diet. When dieting is stopped, people can regain their weight. Due to the diet cycle in which people are stuck in, it’s estimated that 80% of people who have lost weight by dieting can regain it or have even more weight than they originally did. [1]

Why dieting doesn’t work?

Although FAD diets, typically claim the quick and easy dramatic drop in weight, their results may be counter-intuitive over the long run due to a variety of reasons. Some people may not be following their diet carefully and are not able to lose weight even from the start. Others might quit dieting after a while because they have to always keep themselves restricted from eating foods and drinks of their choice or the calorie-deficit meals are not appealing. Some people may get less engaged in physical activities as they are consuming a few calories daily. Even after doing everything right, still people may lose minimal weight through dieting or over time end up regaining their lost body weight or even have extra pounds than before dieting. [3]

Some research studies have found that if people diet by counting their calories, their body starts to have low levels of leptin- the “satiety hormone” and more of ghrelin- the “hunger hormone”. That’s because of hormonal or chemical changes in the body which eventually make people crave more calorie-rich foods. Also, the foods would now taste much better than before they started dieting. Dieting can even cut down on food groups that are nutrient-dense. Therefore, no such forbidden food or drink is acceptable and unhealthy. The only thing that can help people lose weight is to figure out the right proportions of each nutrient that they must incorporate in their every meal. [2,4]

The adverse effects of dieting

Researchers have proven that repeatedly going for dieting to lose weight can only result in people regaining weight, usually more than earlier. This is worse for cardiac health than having a heavy body weight. Moreover, if people have greater weight fluctuations in their life, their risk of having a stroke, heart disease, and other heart-related conditions will be more as compared to those with stable body weight.

Not only the heart, but mental health can also get impaired. Daily eating well supports a healthy mood of the person and the prevention and management of mental health issues. Therefore, dieting can result in a bad mood. Some of the symptoms of chronic dieting include irritability, food preoccupation, fatigue, and distractibility. Furthermore, dieting is often associated with a tendency to overeat, also binge eat. This can jeopardize the efforts put in for weight loss and also result in developing a binge-eating disorder. So, the research concludes that when one wants to lose weight while taking care of their well-being, dieting is not the right approach. [4]

What can be done instead of dieting?

Now, if you have ditched dieting, and lost no hope, you can achieve weight loss by following these tips:

  1. Listen to your hunger- Aim to eat when you are hungry and stop eating before feeling uncomfortably full stomach. Instead of eating by clock, tune into the body and what works best for you. You may either feel best with three large meals or thrive on eating 5-6 small meals in a day.
  2. Be motivated to stay healthy– Do not adopt any new habit with the sole purpose of losing weight. Rather, set your goal of feeling good and being strong. This way, you will have more resilience when your weight is not on the expected track.
  3. Practice natural crowding out of unhealthy food options- It has been found that by default if people have more of healthier foodstuffs that are rich in proteins, dietary fibers, healthy fats, and simple carbohydrates, they would consume less complex sugars or saturated unhealthy fats. It is important to follow a healthy diet plan for weight loss to achieve positive results.
  4. Do not follow a highly restrictive diet- Rather than following a highly-restrictive diet, it’s best to go for a well-balanced diet along with other lifestyle modifications. According to the U.S. News and World Report, a Mediterranean diet that is rich in whole grains, vegetables, fresh fruits, olive oil, nuts, dairy, legumes, and fatty fish is the No. 1 diet that every human must have daily. Many other factors can affect body weight. So, to maintain a healthy body weight for the long term, nutritionists or health experts always recommended getting indulged in everyday physical activities, regular exercises, and good night’s sleep.


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