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How do you Shock your Body to Lose Weight?

by Shilpi Singh
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Nowadays, being overweight or obese is a very common concern. It’s no surprise that excessive body weight could result in several health risks and consequences such as diabetes, sleep apnea, heart ailments, gallbladder diseases, and many more. However, the most common question that strikes the mind of the colossal population is what means should one get indulged in losing weight fast and effectively. [1]

Various factors could affect one’s body weight such as diet, medical conditions, stress levels, lifestyle, etc., and factors like gender, age, and others, that define the optimum body weight. Losing weight might be a challenging task for most people, however, following appropriate weight loss tips can make weight loss possible. People may want to lose weight for myriad reasons and while trying to do so, most of them may fall into a fad diet trap that promises quick real results. The two primary ways to lose weight are to keep the body active and have a proper diet. When both are done together, the best outcome can be possible. This post focuses on some expert-backed tips to surprise the body and achieve weight loss expeditiously. [1, 2]

  1. Implement Long-Term Changes in Lifestyle and Behavioral Changes.
    Majorly weight loss is successful by changing lifestyle. Dieting must not be in practice, instead, people must take control over what they eat, how much they keep their body in movement or activity, and other lifestyle factors that impact body weight, that includes stress and sleep. It suggests setting and hitting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive) weight loss goals. [2]
  2. Eat a Well-Balanced, Heavy Breakfast.
    Morning breakfast rituals differ for every individual. Researchers have found that people who eat a large portion of morning meals can burn more calories throughout their day than those who have small breakfasts or are breakfast skippers. Those who don’t have breakfast are skimping on their essential vitamins and minerals that aid in weight loss like Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, calcium, and magnesium. Therefore, the first meal of the day must be loaded with ample proteins, healthy fats, and dietary fibers, and be blood-sugar balanced. [2, 3]
  3. Do Sufficient Physical Activities.
    One of the main reasons for the current crisis of having excessive body weight is not getting indulged in enough physical activities. That’s major because of the sedentary nature of most occupations. Therefore, overweight or obese people must opt for an exercise regime to ensure that their extra calories burn and their weight loss is kept under control. Different physical activities that can be done consistently over long periods to lose weight include running, jogging, swimming, Zumba, yoga, weight training, and bodyweight movements. [1]
  4. Drink Plenty of Water.
    By increasing water intake, people can feel satiated all day long and be able to curb their sugar cravings. Water is even necessary to help the body burn fat for energy via lipolysis. Moreover, drinking water before every meal can also simply help in weight loss. [2]
  5. Reduce the Consumption of Ultra-Processed Carbs and Sugars.
    One of the healthiest ways to reduce body weight is to cut down on the intake of rapidly metabolized carbs and sugars. This means drastically curtailing on intake of high glycemic-load foods such as processed carbs, sugary snacks, and soft drinks. The extra pounds will quickly come off one’s body if the quality of food ingested is taken care of. [2]
  6. Go for a Plant-Based or Low-Calorie Diet.
    With just a few diet modifications, weight loss is possible. A diet plan must include limited calories so that the body naturally goes for other alternatives to get energy. Animal-based foods are rich in calories while plant-based ones are nutrient-dense (especially having more fiber and water) and promote weight loss. People can go for customized food plans to achieve their weight loss goals. [1, 2]
  7. Fill up the Plates with More Proteins and Dietary Fibers.
    Increasing the intake of proteins and dietary fibers in meals can help reduce appetite, make people feel fuller and have less of calories, and prevent the loss of muscle mass. Therefore, it’s an effective, practical way to quickly lose weight. Some of the protein-rich and fiber-rich foods include Greek yogurt, lentils, fish, eggs, almonds, berries, whole grains, broccoli, chia seeds, nuts, vegetable soups, and beans. [1, 2]
  8. Hit the weights: Go for Strength Training.
    If people start focusing on their muscle building, they could be able to burn more calories. It’s a smart move to add resistance training to a weight loss plan not solely because of more calories burning out while working out but even due to its “afterburn effect”. Cardiovascular exercises are often emphasized on regular basis but the shedding of excess pounds and maintaining weight loss by slowing down the decline in muscle mass can be best achieved with strength training. [2]
  9. Get Enough Sleep
    A healthy weight and general well-being can be best maintained by getting a good, sufficient night’s sleep. Inadequate sleep can affect the production of appetite-regulating hormones leptin and ghrelin, which can lead people to feel hungry the entire day. Poor sleep can even elevate the levels of cortisol hormones and lead to stubborn body fat deposits. [2]


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