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3 Secrets To Achieving A Female Orgasm

by Prity Kumari
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An orgasm is a physical and emotional experience brought on by a sequence of rhythmic contractions of the vagina, penis, pelvic floor muscles, and occasionally the uterus. An orgasm normally occurs when muscle tension and blood flow to the genitalia have built up, resulting in a feeling of sexual ecstasy. For women, reaching the pinnacle of lovemaking and experiencing the height of pleasure is just as crucial as it is for males.

The onus is still on the woman’s partner to assist her in getting there, even if she is sufficiently aroused. Furthermore, why stop at one if you have what it takes? There is no greater way to show your love, deepen intimacy, and stoke the male ego than with a female orgasm, where two or three are actually better than one. It is simple to do; follow these three-pointers to give her the epic orgasms every guy likes to think he can, and every woman wants her man to be able to offer: [1]

1. Create a Romantic Environment: Remember that tension and sexual activity do not mix. So he must create the correct atmosphere for her if he plans a hot act for the bedroom. Before asking or starting a lovemaking session, evaluate her emotional state. Is she up for it, or is she too frazzled or worn out? The secret to a good night’s start is to be aware of her emotions. It is ridiculous to anticipate an exciting climax from her, much alone many orgasms if he is unaware of his partner’s emotions.

Make an effort to get her in the right frame of mind. Make it a point to chat with her and reassure her of your affection for her since you cannot overstate the value of talking about women. It is time for some teamwork once a man has constructed the foundation and established the atmosphere for the upcoming night. Her turn to prepare for the act is now. Kegel exercises are the ideal method for extending a woman’s time in bed since they strengthen the vaginal muscles, prepare her for more pleasure, and also help her cope with pain.

But not all women want to have sex with a drill sergeant, so do not just tell her to do Kegels; assist her instead. She will contract when you place your touch near her erogenous zone. A man can maintain the mood, arouse her, and incorporate some of those beneficial Kegel exercises if you provide a moderate thrust and let squeezing and relaxing the muscles last for a while. [2, 3]

2. Give Importance to Foreplay: The role of foreplay should not be underestimated. Sexual activity cannot induce an epic orgasm on its own. A man must set aside ample time for foreplay. Do not be in a rush to jump in and finish the deed because this is not a race. She will likely stay in bed longer and find the encounter much more enjoyable and rewarding if a man can learn the skill of gradually arousing her. Similarly, use your hands and tongue.

Assist your partner in being aroused orally and physically if you want her to experience several orgasms. Make sure you are aware of how to arouse her organically. Your index finger will stimulate her clitoris. The movements ought to be smooth and circular. Be open to criticism and perceptive of her verbal and nonverbal clues. Her small groans and friendly body language will let you know you’re headed in the correct direction. A man moves to the G-spot after stimulating the clitoris. This area, which sits atop the vaginal cavity, is thought to give a woman the most pleasure.

The clitoris is a tiny, densely covered nerve structure that only exists to give sexual pleasure. It is found at the apex of the vaginal entrance. Getting her excited would make the deed more enjoyable, rewarding, and intimate for both of you. [1, 3, 4]

3. Use Lubricants if Necessary: A woman needs to feel comfortable and find the experience enjoyable rather than painful in order to have many orgasms. The vaginal area is very sensitive, so lubricate it with a lubricant before having multiple sex sessions, not just once or twice. Any pleasure will be diminished by vaginal soreness, making the sexual activity so excruciatingly painful that she may not even experience an orgasm. Switch positions and be inventive here. Do not expect her to share your opinion of the missionary stance if you support it. Change your positions instead. This will enable you to maintain the novelty and desire while letting your spouse experience an orgasm from the thrill of trying out a new love position. [3, 4, 5]

Take a brief break. Stay in bed. Stay in bed if you two plan to continue making out after the climax. Hug, kiss, cuddle and converse to rekindle the energy. Recall that making love requires more than just a physical act; it also necessitates an emotional connection. When you have reached a climax, do not just turn away from her or roll onto your back; instead, look her in the eyes and tell her how much you love spending time with her and how much you are drawn to her. If you do this, likely, you won’t have to make much effort to pique her interest in a subsequent round of passionate sex. The desire you have throughout your lovemaking session can be maintained to a great extent by kisses and caresses. By kissing and touching your partner, you ensure that you are both sufficiently aroused to progress further into the act. [5]

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