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Tips you Should Know for Healthy and Shiny Hair

by Rimpi Maurya
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In modern times, everyone wishes for the best appearance and loves to hear good compliments for their looks. Scalp hair is the most important part of one’s looks. That’s why most people (especially women) sought after achieving and maintaining hair that persists to be shiny, smooth, healthy, long, strong, and soft to the touch. However, only a few of them holds professional knowledge and free time to care for their hair health and looks.

This blog talks about some ways to allow hair to grow faster, healthier, stronger, longer, and glossier. These tips are suggested by a diverse group of writers, educators, and hair or other experts. [1, 4]

First of All: What Results in Dull, Unhealthy Hair?

Damaged, dull, or unhealthy hair is an outcome of the attack of aggressors on the cuticles-the protective outer layer of the hair. These offenders include heat, humid weather, friction, and harsh chemical treatments on the hair which leave cracks in its exterior and lift the cuticle. When the cuticle gets opened up, the moisture trapped in it may get lost which is responsible for keeping hair shiny. As a result, the hair looks dull, dry, and frizzy and can further be more prone to damage and breakage. [1, 5]

Some Tips and Suggested Products to Get Healthy, Shiny Hair

There are many tips, techniques, and products claiming to combat dull, dry, frizzy hair. Let’s have a look at some of them as they can promote hair growth in women and men:

1. Eat Hair-Healthy Foods
For healthy and fast hair growth, having a nutritious balanced diet daily is essential. As hair is made up of keratin (a protein), it’s important to have a protein-rich diet. Therefore, it’s recommended to add lean meat, eggs, dairy products, nuts, and legumes to everyday meals for having strong and luscious hair. Iron is an important essential mineral for hair growth. So, an iron-rich diet including green leafy vegetables, salad, etc. must be eaten regularly to avoid hair shedding caused by anemia. The diet must also include more essential vitamins and antioxidants such as Vitamin C found in citrus fruits that help strengthen the capillaries of the hair shaft and increase nutrient supply to the hair follicles. By adding Vitamin E-rich nuts to the diet, the hair can be protected from sun damage. Healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids present in fish, pumpkin seeds, walnut, avocado, etc. are also essential for supporting hair health as these help keep the scalp skin, and hair moisturized and hydrated. [4]

2. Stay Hydrated
When the body is kept hydrated, the health of the scalp and hair is better. There are no such concerns as dry scalp and frizz. Hydration can be done in two ways: Firstly, by drinking plenty of water, and secondly by investing in good masks for the scalp and hair. [2]

3. The Number of Hair Washes in a Week Must be Decided Based on the Hair Type
Daily having a head wash can dry out the scalp and hair. Anyone with thin hair would like to keep the hair clean and dry as that way their head would seem fuller with more texture. However, those with thick hair must not wash hair much often as such hair absorbs more of the natural oils that are generated by the scalp skin. [3]

4. Rinse Hair with Cold Water
Cold water can help seal the hair cuticles shut. A closed cuticle helps lock in moisture in scalp hair, reflects the light, and helps provide hair a little gleam. If one wishes for extra shine, hair-protective oil, cream, or serum can be applied to the hair strands. [2, 3]

5. Get a Trim
Every 8-10 weeks, trimming hair is important to avoid split hairs interfering with hair growth. The hair ends should be kept healthy to allow proper hair growth. Generally, anyone who goes for hair coloring, heat styling, and keratin treatments should cut their hair ends after every 8 weeks to consistently maintain long, healthy hair growth. [3, 4]

6. Avoid Drying Soaking Wet Hair with a Towel and Combing Wet Hair
After a head wash, squeeze extra water from wet hair with their hands and let the hair air dry or diffuse dry. Brushing or combing wet hair can cause hair breakage, therefore it must be avoided. To de-tangle, the hair always gently brush hair using a boar-bristle hair brush by taking small hair sections at a time. [2, 4]

7. Treat the Scalp
Keep the hair roots healthy by avoiding the build-up of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells on the scalp. One way to encourage healthy scalp hair is to have a regular head massage. Massaging the scalp with fingers tips can help improve blood circulation, boost natural oils production, and loosen the build-up before it starts.

Dandruff is a common concern affecting scalp health. To treat this condition, medicated or antifungal shampoos must be used for hair wash. [1, 3, 4]

8. Minimize Heat Styling
Hair styling with heated tools like blow dryers and straighteners can be left for some special occasions. It is always recommended to rely less on heat styling as it could open up hair cuticles and damage hair and go for products that could protect hair and even improve the hair texture. While using a blow dryer, keep it 6 inches away from the scalp, and avoid it holding for too long on one spot. [1, 3]

9. Protect Hair from Chlorine and Saltwater
Chlorine and saltwater are harsh on delicate hair strands and can cause damage. To avoid that, one must use deep hair conditioners which provide an extra dose of protection from damage. Hair conditioners can help form a protective barrier around the hair shafts and help them retain moisture for an extra dose of damage prevention. If having fine hair, avoid the use of thick, creamy conditioners as these are meant only for thick, extremely dry hair. [1, 5]

10. Go for Natural Hair Care Supplements
If seeking ways to support natural, healthy hair growth, Folexin and Valotin supplements are the best for all hair types.


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