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How to Lose Excess Weight: Experts Share The Ideal Nutrition Plan

by Shilpi Singh
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Want to lose weight in a natural, healthy way while still eating delicious meals? Let’s discover how it can be achieved!

With obesity affecting a majority of people worldwide, losing weight has become a top priority for many. It’s not easy for everyone to lose weight. However, it is possible to have a sustainable and healthy weight loss with a daily nutritious, balanced diet and regular exercise. [1]

Nutritionists never recommend starving or crash dieting for weight loss. Although such extreme dietary practices may help people lose weight quickly, they can adversely affect their general health, including reduced energy, fatigue, dizziness, and feeling low. So, the best way is to follow a diet that is not deprived of nutrition, allows for shedding extra body fats, and doesn’t stress the routine or body. [2]

Everyone has unique nutrition needs, which is why while planning for weight loss, it is very important to formulate a well-balanced diet plan according to the personalized needs. Such a nutrition plan, when combined with light workouts, can help obese or overweight individuals accomplish their healthy weight loss goals. [2]

So, What Is Included in The Best Nutrition Plan for Weight Loss?

Dieticians and Nutritionists make nutrition plans with the following inclusions:

  • A custom-tailored diet plan that caters to the body’s energy and nutrition requirements of individuals and is according to their lifestyle.
  • Foods that are easily available in the kitchen and mostly the person has been accustomed to eating since childhood.
  • Alternatives of foods that are less in calories but at the same time help people have more nutrition uptake.
  • Small lifestyle modifications that do not affect the daily routine or schedule of the person.
  • Simple, easily comprehensible instructions to be followed for weight loss.
  • Measurement of the number of kilos shed by the body, which must be in line with desired targeted weight. The weight loss results must be monitored every week.
  • Private consultation with the dietician or nutritionists to discuss a weight loss plan.
  • Online consultations and round-the-clock support are made available (if required).
  • A requisite of regular exercise.

Well, the safe and most scientific weight loss approach is to first detox the body and then rejuvenate and nourish it. After achieving the desired weight loss, steps must be taken to maintain that body weight with weight maintenance schedules and specialized diet plans. [2]

Some Self-Care Tips for Weight Loss in a Healthy, Sustainable Way:

  • Do Not Miss Out On Daily Healthy Breakfast- An empty stomach for long in the morning is not at all advised. It’s recommended to start the day well with a breakfast having more proteins. The first meal of the day must include energy-recouping foods and drinks, having the essential nutrients necessary for proper healthy body functioning throughout the day. If breakfast is not eaten daily, the person may end up snacking on food items when they feel hungry, which is not rich in nutrition.
  • Eat Mindfully and Frequently- An individual must think carefully about what his/her body tells. For instance, if a person craves having something sweet, see what causes it- some stress, boredom, heavy emotions, or fatigue. If it’s really because of hunger go for a healthy snack until having your next meal. With regular and frequent meals all day long, anyone can satiate their hunger and quickly burn their calories. Having six meals per day, keeping in mind the nutrition and calorie levels, is allowed.
  • Drink an Adequate Amount of Water- Some people think that having food or flavored liquids when thirsty can help them quench their thirst. So, they eventually consume unnecessary calories when a glass of water is all that is needed to keep the body hydrated.
  • Curb Nighttime Cravings – Dinner must always be satisfying and balanced. Most people get time out of their busy schedule, usually in the evening, when they can sit comfortably and do overeating. If weight loss is anyone’s goal, this can hinder their efforts.
  • Avoid Stocking Junk Food – Our taste buds love junk foods such as chips, sweet fizzy drinks, biscuits, and many more items that can be stocked in the home. But if people are following a weight loss program, they must go for stocking healthy snacks, including unsalted oat cakes, rice cakes, fruit juice, and unsweetened or unsalted popcorns.
  • Eat Food Rich in Dietary Fibers – Fibrous foods are perfect for losing weight as it helps the person keep feeling full and even contain a lot of nutrients. Some examples include brown rice and pasta, fruit and vegetables, whole grain bread, peas, beans, oats, and lentils.
  • Have Plenty of Fruits And Vegetables – Fresh fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fats and rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These are essential ingredients for a successful loss of weight.
  • Eat Food in Smaller Proportions – Serve food in small utensils to gradually get used to eating food in smaller proportions without getting hungry. Studies reveal that a brain receives a signal from the stomach that it’s full in about 20 minutes. Thus, it’s advised to eat slowly and stop having food before the stomach feels full.
  • Avoid Foods and Drinks with A High Glycaemic Index – A person can maintain his/her weight and even feel energetic throughout the day with the intake of foods having a moderate glycaemic index. To reduce glycaemic index, it’s suggested to opt for meals rich in proteins. This can include adding yogurt, milk, buttermilk, sprouts, pulses, egg white, fish, or chicken.
  • Cut Down on Alcohol Consumption – A glass of wine contains a lot many calories similar to that a chocolate has. Thus, heavy alcohol drinking can result in weight gain rather than weight loss.
  • Plan Meals – Everyone must plan their breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks daily or for a week to ensure that essential nutrients are consumed daily, and there is no deviation from the calorie allowance.  [1, 3, 4]


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