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How do You Kick-Start your Metabolism in the Morning?

by Shilpi Singh
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Metabolism is in charge of how quickly one can burn extra calories. It refers to the set of biochemical reactions that continuously happens inside the body at the cellular level to convert food to energy. It is necessary to keep all the organs normally functioning and one alive.

Every individual has a different Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)- the number of calories needed by the body to keep a person alive. The more efficient one’s metabolism, the faster one can turn over calories which is always beneficial in terms of body composition and weight loss. Therefore, for those who are worried about becoming overweight or obese and wish to build more muscles, the best way out is to boost their metabolism- especially in the morning. Many people might view weight loss and metabolism as challenging, but in reality, it’s quite easy if one knows how to do it properly and consistently. Just by making little changes in the morning routine, it’s possible to increase the metabolism. Continue reading to know what health and nutrition experts advise on how to kick-start start body’s metabolism each morning. [1, 3, 4]

1. Eat a Metabolism-Boosting Breakfast

Most people start their day with foods and energy or caffeinated drinks that are not right to go first on an empty stomach. Having a limiting morning routine that stalls the metabolism would never help out people reach their weight loss goals and get a healthy physique. So, the best way is to focus on protein-dense foods for the first meal of the day to keep the metabolism going. That’s why nutritionists often recommend eating eggs, lean meat, low-fat yogurt, or cottage cheese for breakfast.

Other than proteins, it is even necessary to have breakfast meals rich in iron content. Some foods loaded with iron include oatmeal, nuts, iron-fortified breakfast cereal and bread, tofu, dark leafy green vegetables, and more. Having such breakfast is especially important in today’s time where most food items are processed and stripped out of essential nutrients from their sources. Emerging science has shown that iron can have incredible benefits to metabolism and overall vitality. It can even diminish signs of fatigue.

Moreover, fats must be added to breakfast meals. As noted by nutritionists, eating fats in the morning can actually help speed up the fat-burning process and reduce one’s chance of having metabolic syndrome. To add fat to breakfast, some options include eating kippers or salmon, whole eggs, a small serving of peanut butter on the oats, or a handful of salted nuts.

Intake of more fibers in the diet is known to aid in weight loss and can even help increase metabolism. There are two types of fibers: Soluble fibers which need water to feel fuller for longer and Insoluble fibers which simply pass via excretion and help one pass undigested food. The body cannot digest the fibers. It has been noted that the digestion of foods with abundant dietary fibers requires the expenditure of more calories. Therefore, consuming foods like wheat bran, oat bran, cauliflower, apples, brown rice, beans, etc. can help with metabolism.

Having fruits and dark green leafy vegetables in breakfast is a great way to start the day with. These help by balancing the pH inside the stomach, enabling the metabolism to function as it should. [1, 3, 4]

2. Drink Water

Drinking water early in the morning can not only quench thirst but also raise one’s metabolic rate. One study conducted in Berlin found that participants who drank around 500 milliliters of water in the morning could increase their metabolism by an average of 30%. Water is essential for existence. Other than boosting metabolism, it can offer many benefits like preventing headaches, lowering the risk of heart attacks, helping lose weight, and even helping in nutrient circulation in the entire body.

When considering hydration, one must not confuse it with drinking black tea or coffee. These drinks are rich in caffeine and show a negative hydration effect. They could help energize the body but not promote faster metabolism in the long run. However, one can enjoy a cup of green tea or black coffee in the morning as these can help boost energy levels during exercise. Their intake is especially beneficial when going for any endurance activity or aiming for weight loss, as they can help one workout harder and burn more calories. [1, 2, 4]

3.Do Morning Exercises

This can help one maximize the boost to his/her metabolism. Ideally, one’s workout routine must include Cardio, interval training, and weight lifting. Basic cardio would make the body active which speeds up the burning of calories by elevating metabolism only till the body is active. Interval training keeps the body’s metabolism elevated for several hours after a workout to increase fat burning far longer than just the time of working out while weight lifting would help one build muscles. Over time, more muscles would raise their metabolic rate. [2,  3]

4. Get Proper Sleep

Sleep deprivation can indirectly affect one’s metabolism. When one daily takes fewer hours of sleep, then one would experience hormonal imbalance- dysregulation of hormones related to appetite and hunger. Also, one would have cravings for sugar-loaded foods. This way, one would not eat healthy, in a way leading to an unhealthy body weight. [3]


Take natural health supplements: One of the dietary supplements that are worth trying with breakfast to boost metabolism is VitaPost Raspberry Ketone Plus and VitaPost Apple Cider Vinegar Pure. [5, 6]

VitaPost Raspberry Ketone Plus product is formulated with natural ingredients and botanical extracts chosen by experts for their synergistic effects. Raspberry ketone is a phenolic compound present in red raspberries, providing them signature scent and flavor. The VitaPost Raspberry Ketone Plus is made with a proprietary blend of Grape Seed Extract, Caffeine, and Kelp along with other ingredients including Raspberry Ketone, African Mango, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder, and Green tea extract. This product is intended to be used along with routine workouts and a sensible diet. [5]

VitaPost Apple Cider Vinegar Pure is one of the most popular health tonics on the market today that helps boost metabolism using natural vinegar. [6]


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