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Signs that shows one is pushing too hard?

by Shilpi Singh
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While doing a sweaty workout where a lot of effort is put in, the breathing becomes harder and heart rate faster, one might be thinking to what extent one can push their body harder or how will one get to know that one is into a very high-intensity workout.

For all those who have started with a new workout routine, it would be very tempting to constantly let their body work harder to promote it to the next level. With good motivation, one might be able to do it which is a good thing as one can enjoy various mental and health benefits. However, there could be a possibility that one could go way too far that one starts receiving diminishing returns from their intense workouts or even begin harming their body.

While doing any intensity workout, it is very important to take some rest in between and keep the body hydrated as sufficient recovery could only help the body to become fitter and stronger. So, it’s important to ensure that if one is pushing their body hard to a certain limit every day. But, how to know when to stop and take rest and start again another day? Well, this is possible if one can note down the signs/indications that their body shows if they are pushing too hard. [1]

Signs That One Is Pushing Too Hard

Whether one is an athlete, any sportsperson, or a fitness freak, if one wants to push themselves harder on daily basis to achieve optimal results of their training, but not so hard that one would burn out or crash

Here are the 14 reliable signs that one might be pushing too hard:

Physical Symptoms

1.Too Exhausted and Having Sleep Problems

If the person is feeling extremely tired at all times or if the body is not able to recover itself due to lack of full-length sleep, it’s better to stop exercising and being stressed and visit a healthcare provider. It’s important to take a proper 7-8 hours of sleep every night. [3]

2. Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath

These are extreme symptoms but major indicators of immediately stopping routine workouts and seeking medical attention. [3]

3. Often Become Sick

Everyone can get a cold or flu with a change in weather, but if such respiratory illnesses are happening frequently or for longer periods, it’s a sign that the immune system is compromised. This is possible if the person does not take a break. [4]

4. Keep Getting Injured

When people are trained too hard or have to take on so many physical challenges, they might start experiencing some strains and injuries. So, if people start having pains quite often or for a prolonged time, it’s a sign that the body is about to shut down as it has pushed to the edge and if still not stopped, a big injury would happen. [2,3]

5. Frequently Having Upset Stomach and Headache

Headaches often come up when one’s body is getting dehydrated because of stressful times when one is in a rush or not taking out time to drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated.

Overstressing the body can have a negative impact on the digestion process. While exercising, blood is diverted away to the muscles from the digestive system to support them to continue working out. If this is happening for a long time, people may end up in the washroom more often and won’t be getting all the nutrients from the food they are eating. [2]

6. Quickly Losing Weight

To maintain appropriate body weight, it’s important to have a well-balanced, healthy diet and enough daily exercise. Those who are not eating sufficiently or have no appetite because of their stressful times or have got indulged in an intense workout without taking care of calories would lose weight faster. [2]

7. Feel Sore More Than Usual or Soreness Lasts Longer

Muscle soreness is expected to happen during any sort of physical training. But, if it is found at all times or more, it is an indication that the body is struggling to recover in time and the person needs to back off for a few days. [2]

8. Feel Out of Tune

People who have been working out intensely could have a gut feeling that it’s just not right within their body. If that is happening, it’s time for them to give some slack. [2]

Emotional Symptoms

1. Feel Overwhelmed

When one pushes his/her body harder, it’s normal for him/her to feel overwhelmed but if there is a regular feeling of helplessness, that things are going out of control, and it seems that things can’t be handled further, it’s a sign that the body needs to take a break and reset itself. [2,3]

2. Get Stressed, Angry, or Anxious

When the person is in a constant state of irritation and distress, is always on the verge of screaming or exploding at all times, and can erupt in anger for no reason, it’s probably a sign to calm down and take rest. [3]

3. Marked Confusion or Forgetfulness

Whether the person has done an intense workout without breaks and is not feeding himself/herself well or taking a lot of stress and no rest, it’s a sign that the body is being pushed too hard. [3]

4. Upset, Depressed, or in Despair

It’s natural and healthy to be a little sad. But, clinical depression is life-threatening and crushing. If anyone is feeling depressed, unhappy, or tearful most of the time, then it’s recommended to take some help from doctors or even other loved ones. It is a clear sign that mind and body are not working alright. [3]

5. Loss of Enthusiasm

While doing any sort of exercise, people take out time to recover and look forward to the next sweat session. But, if they start to dread their workouts, it’s a sign that either they are not doing the right workout or doing too much. This is a red flag for them to take rest or switch exercises. [1]


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